Can Finneon Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Finneon is a water-type winged fish that was introduced in Generation IV during the holiday event in 2018. Players who already had the default finneon have been waiting patiently for some time now for the shiny variant to be made available in-game.

Although not every Pokemon has its shiny variants available, a large number of pokemons do, and die-hard lovers of the game love catching them. So can Finneon be shiny in Pokemon GO? Gamers will be glad to know Shiny Finneon is finally available in Pokemon GO.

Is There Shiny Finneon Available in Pokemon Go

Shiny Finneon Shiny Lumineon Pokemon GO
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Yes, Shiny Finneon is available in Pokemon Go. The Shiny Finneon finally made its appearance in the popular franchise years after the default form was released. Niantic revealed that players participating in the Safari Zone: Taipei will have the opportunity to encounter the shiny variant of Finneon. The event took place from October 21st, to October 23rd.

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Because of the arrival of shiny Finneon. Players can now add a shiny Lumineon to their collection if they evolve the special variant of the default creature. Players will require 50 candies for this evolution.

Participating players are advised to gather up Pokeballs, Incense, and Pinap Berries to maximize the amount of Finneon candy they gather in the shortest period of time.

Players who are unable to participate in the Safari Zone event can have access to both the shiny Pokemon: Finneon and Lumineon on October 23rd. Be advised that the shiny variants don’t have any extra boosts, stat differences, or better movesets over their default forms.

Pokemon GO lovers love catching shiny variants of their favourite pocket monsters and will be excited to fish for the shiny variant of Finneon.

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