Dark and Darker How to Get Cape

Wondering about Dark and Darker How to Get Cape? As we all know IRONMACE has published another playtest for its popular PvEvP experience, Dark and Darker, in the middle of legal fights and difficulties that they have been attempting to tamper with.

The current Dark and Darker gameplay test, dubbed Escape From Tarkov but medieval,” not only brought the game back but also included all new elements. A new map, a new class, and even a brand-new inventory space.

This slot is to the right of your primary body kit. With a high armor rating and excellent stat enhancements.

How to Get the Cape in Dark and Darker 

If you’re playing alone, obtaining this flowing piece of fabric might be difficult. These goods aren’t just laying around in a bone pile.

dark and darker how to get cape
Image via IRONMACE

According to community members, there may be a few distinct spots where gamers might discover a cape. A cape may be worn by any class, and while capes are currently the only item that fits in that specific inventory slot.

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The slot’s name is not cape, but back. Meaning, it wouldn’t be shocking if, with additional updates and development, there were more distinctive back parts that weren’t capes.

For the time being, if you want to get your hands on a beautiful back cape, one of the locations to look is the chest in Goblin Cave after beating the Ogre monster.

Of course, you may search the market to see if someone is selling one, but that entails having gold on hand and ready to pay. While it is uncommon, numerous individuals have discovered capes within Lion Chests.

These larger-than-average chests are generally surrounded by terrible opponents, so if you want to check any Lion Chests, you’ll need a good squad or an invisibility potion. 

These are the fastest ways to appear like your favorite superhero. Just make certain you get out of there alive. Otherwise, that will be someone else’s flashy cape. That’s how to get Cape in Dark and Darker as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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