Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand Puzzle Guide

A Bird in The Hand is a part of the Poopy Sweeting Questline. You can complete This side quest in Hogwarts Legacy to help Poppy Sweeting. She is a Hufflepuff student who is passionate about magical creatures. This quest has nine tasks, and each task has its own requirements.

Throughout the quest, you will learn more about magical eggs and how to care for them. You also have to help her protect Eggy from the Poachers.

If you succeed, you will earn the Beast Friends Trophy/Achievement and significantly boost your relationship with Poppy. This Quest is an excellent way to earn some XP and rewards.

The Poppy Sweeting quest I will discuss in this article is the “A Bird In The Hand” puzzle, and I will guide you on how to complete this puzzle. A Bird in the Hand is the follow-up to the “It’s in the Stars” puzzle. It involves solving a moonstone puzzle and locating hidden creatures that Poppy has been searching for.

How To Start The Poppy Sweeting Quest?

Here are the steps on how to start the quest.

  • Find Poppy Sweeting, She is usually in the corner of the Hufflepuff common room by the fireplace.
  • Approach her and talk to her about her lost pet, Kneazel Eggy. She will tell you where Eggy is with clues. 
  • The Poachers have taken Eggy to the Forbidden Forest, followed Poppy’s clues, and found them.
  • Once you find the poachers, fight them and return Eggy to Poppy.
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How To Complete A Bird in the Hand in Hogwarts Legacy?

You must go through these steps to solve A Bird in the Hand Puzzle in the Poppy Sweeting Question. 

  • Meet Poppy South of Brocburrow and head inside the ruin together.
  • There, you’ll meet Daren and discover a moonstone.
  • Now move the sun statue towards the door.
  • Then pull it slightly to the right.
  • Pull the green moon statue towards Darren so that each shines a light on the moonstone. 
  • Doing this will open a door now, head towards and enter The Gilded Perch
  • Move towards the ruins and then take a right, where you’ll find a tree with branches barring your way.
  • Use “Diffindo” or “Confringo” to clear the branches out.
  • Now run to the far end and take a left and keep running towards the brown box on the left.
  • Turn to the left again. There, you’ll find a cube on the shelf. Use “Accio” on it and place it on the fiery metal circle on the ground.
  • Use Wingardium Leviosa on the crate and move it to the right side of the room, then use “Leviose” to raise the crate and climb the second level. 
  • On the second level, you will find a metal cube with a purple glow. Return to the icey circle on the ground.
  • Now cast “Glacius” on it and “Incendio” or “Confringo” on the fiery one to open your way.
  • Finally, head into the courtyard in the next room to start a fight, then open the door on the far side once it is over to end the quest.
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Poppy Sweeting Questline

Here’s the table of Poppy Sweeting’s all puzzles in the Questline, with their requirements and their rewards.

Poppy Quest Requirements Rewards 
Fire and Vice Complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial Reach level 19260 Xp
A Dragon Debrief Complete Fire and Vice None 
Poached EggComplete A Dragon Debrief Complete Professor Weasley‘s Assignment180 XP
The Poacher’s House CallComplete Poached Eggnone
Surprise MeetingComplete The Poacher’s House Call Complete It’s All Gobbledegook Complete In the Shadow of the MineNone 
The Centaur and Stone Complete Surprise Meeting Complete In the Shadow of the Mountain180 XP
It’s in the StarsComplete The Centaur and the Stone Complete San Bakar’s TrialNone 
A Bird In The HandComplete It’s in the Stars180 XP

This is how you can solve the “Bird in the Hand” puzzle in the Poppy Sweeting Questline in Hogwarts Legacy.

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