How To Catch Shiny Scizor in Pokemon Go

From time to time Poekmong Go gets various events and updates which makes the game even more competitive and fun. Recently, the annual creepy crawly event came into existence, bringing various new creatures.

The event came up with different raids, mega-events, battles, and shiny creatures, including the most awaited debut bug, called the shiny scizor. The bug-out event thus holds great importance. Different creatures and their versions could be easily available in this period.

The event would be for a week so the players can have enough time to get the shiny scizor. Thus, many users need to know the opportunity to grab the shiny scizor as soon as possible.

How To Get Shiny Scizor in Pokemon Go?

To get the shiny scizor you don’t need to do anything extra because you may get the shiny scizor from the get-go itself.

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As we all are familiar with synther which has its basic as well as the shiny form. Unlike synther, the scizor only has the shiny version by default. The vibrant color of the shiny scizor is a visual treat and the tone is very eye catchy. Thus, there are various techniques you may use to get the shiny scizor.

Shiny Scizor
image credit to Reddit user u/TopAssistance2

Firstly, you need to get enough of the scizor energy to get the shiny scizor. You need to play enough battles and win to get the energy to be able to take part in the mega evolution. The next method completely depends on your luck and skills.

You need to get involved in raids as much as possible to stand a chance to win a shiny creature and if you have the luck, you may also get the shiny scizor. These all come under the Bug out event which can give you this shiny scizor.

Till the time the event is active, it would be easy to get the shiny scizor. When the event expires the chances of getting the shiny scizor will be less. The basic scizor has a completely red color tone on the skeleton. The shiny scizor on the other hand a lime green color which defines an upgraded form of the scizor.

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How To Win the Raid To Get the Shiny Scizor in Pokemon Go

Thus, you need to defeat the boss in riads to stand a chance to get the shiny scizor. To defeat the boss, you need to look deeper into the boss’s weak points. The steel type of bug could be very useful against the boss while you raid.

Thus, you need to choose the right creatures against the boss to tackle and assemble all types of skills. You should know that the boss has a CP of 45,403 so you need to have greater force to defeat this powerful boss to get your shiny scizor. You should also keep in mind the combatants should be well-heated before you push into the arena.

Thus, the shiny scizor is known to be one of the most impressive creatures, and users love to possess one of these. The steps to get the shiny scizor is very easy but the skills required to defeat the boss should be top-notch.

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Pokemon Go is known to be one of the biggest and most popular games of all time. Pokemon Go went viral after its release and the gamer heads went crazy to compete.

There are millions of Pokemon fans worldwide and Pokemon Go boosted its popularity. It is a game where the users need to find different creatures of the Pokemon using GPS technology. They are meant to train and win the battles after finding them around you.

This is all for this guide for more similar content such as getting a shiny mega charizard or Shiny Starly or more do refer to our Pokemon Go guide panel.