Mk11 How To Beat Kronika

Kronika, the Keeper of Time, has been manipulating the events of history for centuries. She has seen the rise and fall of empires, the birth and death of gods, and the endless cycle of violence that has plagued the Mortal Kombat universe.

Now, Kronika has decided to take matters into her own hands. She will reset the timeline and create a new world, one where there is no war, no pain, and no death. To achieve her goal, Kronika has gathered an army of warriors from different timelines and has created a powerful tool called the Hourglass which she can use to control time.

But the heroes of Mortal Kombat will not stand for this. They will not let Kronika rewrite history. They will fight to protect the world they know and love, even if it means fighting against the very fabric of time itself.

Who will win? The heroes of Mortal Kombat, or the Keeper of Time? The fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

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Read on to find out how you can beat this final boss who has been given the name The Queen of Rage Quits by many players. Be warned – beating kronika isn’t easy but possible with the strategies given in this article.

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Kronika MK11

How To Defeat Kronika in Mortal Kombat 11

Here are some tips and strategies to help you defeat kronika faster in Mortal Kombat 11:

Use Normal Attacks to Deal Maximum Damage

When it comes to kronika, avoid special moves if you want to have a shot at taking her out. Special moves won’t work on her; she is immune to krushing blows, fatal blows, equipment augments, juggling kombos and throws. On the contrary, normal moves are guaranteed to inflict maximum damage on her.

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Use A Mix of Basic Kombos

Use a kombo mix of low, medium, high and overhead attacks to knock her out faster. While special moves aren’t advised, try adding them at the end of a kombo chain to get a strong finish.

Keep Kronika In Close Range

Playing defensive is the key to taking out kronika. Don’t give her space to teleport and attack from behind. Get real close and major on attacks with block advantage.

Use special moves on her minions

While building your special moves bar be sure to use them on kronika’s minions since they don’t work on kronika. Special moves will be guaranteed to take out her cronies within no time so you get back to dealing with the hard headed queen.

These strategies are guaranteed to take out kronika. Use them to take out this final boss.

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