Baxcalibur Pokemon Go PvP Analysis

One of the Ultra Unlock Paldeans, Baxcalibur has received mixed responses from Go trainers. The dual Ice Dragon does possess a unique typing but it is a double-edged sword. Comparing Baxcalibur’s Pokemon Go meta-worth with other Dragon-types like Charizard and Dragonite has yielded surprising results.

Baxcalibur is the second and final evolution of Frigibax. It has a max CP of 4013 with an ATK of 254, DEF of 168, and HP of 229. Due to CP restrictions, Baxcalibur fails to put its hitpoints and attack to good use. It has the worst application in Great League although Arctibax does better than its evolution as it can sport a superior stat product.

Baxcalibur Pokemon Go
Baxcalibur Pokemon Go PvP

Baxcalibur’s best moveset for PvP

Baxcalibur has access to Ice Fang and Dragon Breath in its Fast Move slot. Unsurprisingly, Dragon Breath is the fast move of choice due to its spammy nature, delivering 8 damage in a second and generating six energy. Ice Fang is a lot slower but could be used to counter fellow Dragon-types, Flying-, Grass-, and Ground-types.

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Possessing two Dragon-type and Ice-type Charged Moves gives Baxcalibur good counterplay against Dragonite, Haxorus (without Breaking Swipe), and Venusaur. Since Outrage requires a lot more time to activate, Dragon Claw is the best Charged Move option. The second hard-hitting ice-type Charged Move can be Avalanche.

Which is the best position for Baxcalibur?

Baxcalibur is best in the role of a Closer. It can spam Dragon Breath-Claw and its dual-typing gives it resistance over Flying-, Electric-, Grass-, Water-, and Bug-type moves. Fighting-, Rock-, Dragon-, Fairy-, and Steel-type moves constitute its weaknesses.

The Ice Dragon shines in the Master League due to the number of Dragon-type Pokemon in the meta. Its Avalanche can be difficult to predict, especially when fighting against a Grass-type Pokemon who could be one-shotted.