Blasphemous Hall Of The Dawning Guide

Blasphemous has a lot to do, which is nothing new for Souls-like games. Players can spend hours looking down and defeating all of the game’s secret items. An average playthrough of the game may take at least 20 hours, so when taking up Blasphemous, gamers should be prepared for a long haul. This is especially true for those who want to start a New Game+ and test out the DLC.

The Hall of the Dawning is a tiny section included in the DLC/update The Stir of Dawn. This room features a mirror coffin in the center and four sculptures flanking it. By defeating each of the Miracle’s Amanecidas, a golden weapon will emerge in the hand of the corresponding statue. When all enemies are destroyed, the coffin’s lid shatters and a gate on the right side opens, allowing The Penitent One to pass through.

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How to Access Stir of Dawn DLC

The very first thing that gamers will want to accomplish is finish Blasphemous’ tale. This signifies that players must have defeated the game’s final boss. Once the last boss has been defeated, players will be returned to the main menu and offered the option of deleting or ascending their save file. They will start a new game plus using this save file if they ascend it. Stir of Dawn may only be played with NG+.

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Once NG+ has been launched, players must go through the game’s first sections. This entails defeating the first boss and returning to The Holy Line. When players walk over a rocky divot in the ground in The Holy Line’s second room, they will hear a bell toll. Players that utilize The Weight of Sin skill here will break through the earth and end up in the Petrous area of the map. To converse with Jibrael, players must set the Petrified Bell (which is immediately in their inventory) inside the only building they see here.

After chatting with Jibrael, he will appear in five different regions of the map. Players must go around and locate him again in these various regions in order for him to call the new bosses that may be fought in the DLC.

That’s all you need to know about Blasphemous Hall of the Dawning as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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