Baxcalibur Pokemon Go PvP Analysis

Pokemon Go

One of the Ultra Unlock Paldeans, Baxcalibur has received mixed responses from Go trainers. The dual Ice Dragon does possess a unique typing but it is a double-edged sword. Comparing Baxcalibur’s Pokemon Go meta-worth with other Dragon-types like Charizard and Dragonite has yielded surprising results. Baxcalibur is the second and final evolution of Frigibax. It … Read more

Which starter to choose: Quaxly, Sprigatito, or Fuecoco: Pokemon Go A Paldean Adventure

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure

Pokemon Go ‘A Paldean Adventure’ Research gives trainers the option to pick one of the three starters from Generation 9. While the first two steps in the research are simple, the third step is rather hectic and time-consuming. One of the tasks is to evolve Fuecoco, Sprigatito, or Quaxly after you have chosen your Paldean … Read more

List of all Attack Changes in Pokemon Go

Psychic Type Pokemon Go Weakness

Season 12 of Pokemon Go has brought a few changes in the moves to rebalance the PvP mode. This was in lieu of trainers complaining that the metas for Go Leagues had become stale, considering that there were hardly any differences between the Pokemon used in the 2022 World Championships and this year’s championships. Multiple … Read more

Details about new moves in Pokemon Go Adventures Abound

Pokemon Go Adventures Abound

Three new moves have been introduced by the Pokemon Go Adventures Abound season. Each move has a play in the meta, especially considering the buffs and debuffs attached to them. Trainers will now have to rethink their strategies to counter Pokemon that previously weren’t part of the meta. Trailblaze (Grass-type Charged Move), Scorching Sands (Ground-type … Read more

Best Closers for Pokemon Go Fantasy Cup: Ultra League edition

Best Pokemon for the Fantasy Cup

Turning the tide of battle falls on the shoulders of Closers in Pokemon Go Fantasy Cup: Ultra League edition. The last to appear in the competitive PvP battle, closing Pokemon requires a decent bulk and essentially fast-paced Charge Moves. Their impact depends on the number of Shields left with the opponent so make sure to … Read more

Best Lead Pokemon for Fantasy Cup: Ultra League edition

Fantasy Cup pokemon go

Competitive Go trainers often find themselves at a crossroads when choosing the best starting Pokemon for the ongoing Fantasy Cup: Ultra League. It is key to use a Lead Pokemon that doesn’t have multiple weaknesses which give opponents an early advantage. Moreover, it must bait Shields and bring balance to the team. The 2500-CP capped … Read more