How To Get the Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra in WoW Dragonflight?

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, the Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra is a hidden mountain that players can only access when they complete the required challenges and quests. Most of the challenges and work to get to this mountain will be done in the Ohn’ahran Plains area of the game.

The special thing about this secret mountain is that it lets the player turn into their mounts model instead of seeing their character in the game ride on top of it.

Unlocking Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra requires players to have some Lizi’s Reins. The mount can be unlocked after you’ve completed the “Initiate’s Day Out” challenge in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

Once you complete the quest line and obtain the Lizi’s Reins amount, go up to Renown 25 with the Maruuk Centaur. Only after then will your journey towards the Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahr start to progress.

Below I will tell you how to unlock the Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra, so stay tuned.

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How to get to the Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra in the game WoW Dragonflight?

Players must get three Stolen Breaths of Ohn’ahra to unlock the challenges, which will reward the players with a Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra. These stolen breaths can be found once they begin to drop after players reach the maximum renown with the Maruuk Centaur.

The players can find Stolen Breath of Ohn’ahras which drops off the final boss of the Nokhud, Balakar Khan. Once you get the three stolen breaths of Ohn’ahra, search for Godoloto. You can find him at coordinates [56.47 73.30] in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

Godoloto 1
stolen breath of ohnahra

From Godoloto, you will get a quest, whispering Breeze, which will require players to turn in the following items:

  • Three Stolen Breaths of Ohn’ahra
  • Essence of Awakening
  • Exultant Incense

Exultant Incense is an easy item to get and can be purchased at the auction house. When buying it, remember to purchase the rank three of the item. From Quartermaster Huseng, you can get the essence of awakening by giving away 50 Dragon Isles Supplies and one “Occasional Sand. 

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After getting to all three elements, turn them to wind goddess Ohn’ahra, and finally, you will get to the Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra in World of Warcraft Dragonfight.

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