How To Solve COD Mobile Secret Letter?

In the fast-paced world of COD Mobile, messages in Morse code can be intriguing and offer valuable insights. However, deciphering them can be a challenge. In this article, we unravel the mystery of a secret letter in COD Mobile and provide you with a deeper understanding of its significance.

Decrypting the Morse Code Message

Decrypting Morse code messages may seem daunting, but with the right resources, it becomes a straightforward task. Various online platforms allow you to copy and paste Morse code messages, instantly converting them into English text.

Understanding the Secret Letter’s Meaning

The secret letter you received in COD Mobile carries the following message: “In Isolated and the Blackout, those scattered containers are the ingredients that can help me.” At first glance, this message may appear enigmatic, but we can break it down to gain a clearer understanding.

cod mobile secret letter morse code

Unveiling the Significance of Isolated and Blackout

Isolated and Blackout are references to the COD Mobile Battle Royale maps. To uncover the true meaning of the secret letter, you must focus on these specific locations. Within these maps, there are T-3 containers that hold valuable loot, acting as ingredients to aid you in your gameplay.

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Extracting Loot from T-3 Containers

When you come across a T-3 container emitting a blue light, it indicates the presence of valuable loot. To acquire this loot, you must extract it from the container. However, there’s a trick to optimizing your rewards.

After initiating the extraction process, a mini screen will appear, displaying two gauge meters—Rarity and Volume. These meters determine the quality of your loot. To secure the best rewards, aim to stop the arrows in the middle of both meters.

Maximizing Your Loot

By deciphering the secret letter in Morse code, you now possess valuable knowledge about the T-3 containers and their contents. Utilize this information to your advantage, and embark on a quest to find and extract these containers. The assistance they provide can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in COD Mobile.


The secret letter in COD Mobile, concealed within the Morse code, holds significant implications for players. By deciphering its message, you can unlock the potential of T-3 containers found in Isolated and Blackout maps, accessing valuable loot. Make the most of this newfound knowledge and elevate your gaming journey in COD Mobile.

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