12 Best Minecraft Servers for Bedrock

If you’re also a fan of Minecraft Bedrock Edition and want to know some of the best Minecraft bedrock servers. Then it’s your lucky day, Here I have shared some of the best servers that I have found and personally enjoy playing Minecraft on my PC.

Minecraft Servers For Bedrock Edition

These are some of the best Minecraft Servers for the Bedrock Edition.

Server NameServer IP AddressPorts
Broken Lensplay.brlns.net2000
WildWood SMPjoin.wildwoodsmp.com19132
ECPE ecpehub.net19132
Powercraft Networkbuzz.powercraft.network19132
Galaxite play.galaxite.net
Vanilla Europaplay.vanillaeuropa.com19132
The Hivegeo.hivebedrock.network
Lifeboat  play.lbsg.net

BlossomCraft is one of the best Minecraft Bedrock servers to enjoy smoother gameplay. This server has multiple plugins that take your gameplay experience to the next level. The server has lots of game modes such as FTB, Sykwars, my games and more.

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Broken Lens also offers multiple gameplay modes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Mostly you find this server with hunters of players because of the variety of game modes available in this server similar to the BlossomCraft.

PicaNetwork is one of the busy servers with more than a thousand players. Because it has amazing plugins and game modes such as  Skywars, Factions, OP Prisons, Custom and many more. The server is fast with 99 percent uptime.

When we are talking about busy Minecraft Servers for Bedrock how can I forget the NetherGames it is also one of the busy servers with a massive gaming community with interesting game modes and plugins that enhance your gameplay.

Here is the video based on how to connect Minecraft Bedrock Server from your computer.

This is the end of this short guide, Hopefully, you find some of the best servers for Minecraft Bedrock Edition from this article. For more similar articles read our Minecraft Guides such as where to find Minecraft Screenshots and Is Minecraft Crossplay or Not and more.

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