Best Owen Gun Loadout for Vanguard

When it comes to optimizing your Owen Gun loadout for improved accuracy and performance, the right attachments can make a significant difference. After extensive trialing and testing, we have identified a winning combination that provides substantial accuracy improvements.

In this article, we will walk you through the attachments we recommend for the Owen Gun, explaining how each one enhances its performance. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, this guide will help you dominate the battlefield with your Owen Gun loadout.

Best Owen Gun Loadout for COD Vanguard

Owen Gun Loadout  Vanguard
  • Recoil Booster: Taming the Kickback
  • Hockenson 142mm Rapid Barrel: Enhancing Rate of Fire
  • Slate Reflector Optic: Precision Sight
  • Removed Stock: Improved Mobility
  • M1941 Hand Stop: Stability and Control
  • 7.62 Gorenko 72 Round Drums: Ammunition Capacity
  • Lengthened Ammo Type: Increased Bullet Velocity
  • Fabric Grip: Enhanced Handling
  • Proficiency: Fleet
  • Kit: Quick
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Recoil Booster: Taming the Kickback

To counter the Owen Gun’s inherent kickback and maintain better control, the Recoil Booster attachment is a must-have. It significantly reduces recoil, allowing for more precise and controlled shots. By equipping the Recoil Booster, you will experience improved accuracy, especially during rapid-fire engagements.

Hockenson 142mm Rapid Barrel: Enhancing Rate of Fire

The Owen Gun’s rate of fire can feel sluggish at times, hindering your ability to react swiftly in intense situations. The Hockenson 142mm Rapid Barrel attachment addresses this issue by increasing the weapon’s fire rate. With this attachment, you’ll have a competitive edge, as you can dispatch enemies more quickly and efficiently.

Slate Reflector Optic: Precision Sight

A clear and precise sight is vital when engaging targets at various distances. The Slate Reflector Optic attachment offers excellent visual clarity, allowing for quick target acquisition and improved accuracy. Its enhanced zoom capabilities and clean reticle design make it an ideal choice for precise aiming.

Removed Stock: Improved Mobility

In fast-paced gameplay, mobility is key to survival. By removing the stock attachment, you gain increased mobility and agility, enabling you to maneuver swiftly around the map. This advantage ensures that you can react promptly to enemy movements and maintain the upper hand in close-quarter combat situations.

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M1941 Hand Stop: Stability and Control

To further enhance weapon stability and control, the M1941 Hand Stop attachment is highly recommended. It provides a comfortable grip and helps reduce the weapon’s vertical and horizontal recoil. With improved stability, you can maintain accuracy while engaging enemies, even during intense firefights.

7.62 Gorenko 72 Round Drums: Ammunition Capacity

Running out of ammunition in critical moments can be devastating. The 7.62 Gorenko 72 Round Drums attachment solves this problem by significantly increasing your ammunition capacity. With this extended magazine, you’ll have more rounds at your disposal, ensuring you can sustain longer engagements without the need for frequent reloads.

Lengthened Ammo Type: Increased Bullet Velocity

To maximize the Owen Gun’s mid-range capabilities and boost your damage output, equipping the Lengthened Ammo Type attachment is crucial. It increases bullet velocity, allowing your shots to reach targets faster and with more precision. This upgrade is particularly effective when engaging enemies at medium distances.

Fabric Grip: Enhanced Handling

For optimal weapon handling and control, the Fabric Grip attachment is highly recommended. It improves grip stability and reduces sway, ensuring your aim stays steady during intense firefights. With enhanced handling, you’ll have better control over your shots, resulting in improved accuracy and overall performance.

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Proficiency: Fleet

Choosing the Proficiency trait enhances your mobility and agility, making you a nimble and elusive target. With increased sprint speed, you can quickly navigate the map, flank enemies, and reposition yourself strategically. The Fleet Proficiency trait complements the Owen Gun loadout, allowing you to capitalize on your increased mobility.

Kit: Quick

The Quick Kit provides a slight boost in sprint speed, further complementing the increased mobility provided by the removed stock attachment and the Fleet Proficiency trait. This combination allows for swift movements, granting you the advantage of surprise and ensuring your ability to respond rapidly to changing battlefield situations.


By equipping your Owen Gun with the recommended attachments and accessories, you can transform it into a formidable weapon on the battlefield. Pairing these attachments with the Fleet Proficiency trait.

Quick Kit, and must-have accessories such as the SteelSeries Prime Wireless, Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard, and SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL Keyboard will elevate your Owen Gun gameplay to new heights.

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