MLB The Show 23: How To Complete The Great Egg Hunt

The Great Egg Hunt is new in MLB, the show for Easter. If you are having difficulty completing it in this article, I have created a guide to help you achieve this hunt, so follow along because there are some exciting rewards. 

The program was released on April 7 for Easter, so players could celebrate the holiday and give themselves a chance to earn many rewards. To complete this challenge, you have to collect a total of nine eggs.

How To Complete the Great Egg Hunt in MLB?

The players have to collect nine hidden eggs to get rewards. The eggs contain card packs, item packs, and an exclusive golden egg icon to win once you find all the eggs. Finding the eggs is difficult; they are spread across all the game modes. Here is how you can collect all nine eggs.

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easter egg hunt mlb the show
easter egg hunt mlb the show

How to get Egg number one?

  • To get egg number one:
  • Go to the main menu.
  • Then open the “moments” tab. 
  • There, click on the “other programs” option 
  • Select “The Great Egg Hunt.”
  • After that, you must complete all five moments of the egg hunt to receive egg number one.

How to get Egg number two?

To get this egg, you will have to bring some fighting action. You must beat four teams in the classic “Mini Season mode.”

Some people have an issue getting the egg even after completing the challenge, but that is a game bug, so don’t think much about it. 

How to get Egg number three?

To get the third egg, you must win a team’s stronghold in any “Conquest map.” There are no specific instructions on which team to conquer, so you simply have to go into a conquest map and conquer a stronghold.

mlb the show easter eggs
easter egg hunt mlb the show

How to get Egg number four?

This one is relatively easy. All you must do is hit a home run in any battle royale match. To get the egg, you simply have to go into a battle royale match and hit a home run, and you’ll get the egg; you aren’t required to win the game.

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How to get Egg number five?

You will have to play a ranking game to get the fifth egg. Just play a rank game to the end. You are required just to finish a rank match; it is optional for you to win it to get the fifth egg.

How to get Egg number six?

This one is a bit complicated. You must get five combined walks for this egg to secure egg number five. However, you won’t need them all in one game, so take your time collecting this egg.

mlb the show easter egg hunt
easter egg hunt mlb the show

How to get Egg number seven?

You must reach 1000 PXP with the Egg Hunt Program Cards to collect egg number seven. This is easy.

How to get Egg number eight?

Collecting this involves a particular task. To get egg number eight, you must win a player vs. CPU game, either the Blue Jays, the Cardinals, or the Baltimore Orioles. The game needs to have nine innings. 

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How to get Egg number nine?

To get the last egg, you must complete The Great Hunt Program and simply play a full event game. 

Rewards for completing The Great Egg Hunt

After you collect all nine eggs, you will get the following:

  • 95 OVR 
  • Catfisher Hunter 
  • 96 OVR Alex Bregman 
  • 95 OVR Gregory Soto 
  • 97 OVR George Springer 
  • 97 OVR Reggi Jackson
  • Five show packs 
  • One Balin pack 
  • Two exclusive icons

These will give you a significant upgrade and make you more pro in the game, so complete this egg hunt. This was all for this guide.

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