Pokemon Go Wailmer Spotlight Hour August 2023

Niantic’s Spotlight Hour is a popular weekly event and each week, a new Pokemon will be highlighted, and Niantic has announced that the next Spotlight Hour will feature Wailmer and will be available on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

Trainers will have one hour to catch as many of that species as they can, providing the ideal opportunity to fill up your Pokedex and earn enough Candy to evolve that Pokemon.

In addition to these Spotlight Hours, another Community Day will be held on July 30. All of these events provide opportunities for Trainers to capture, evolve, and battle with the community.

Can Wailmer be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Wailmer Spotlight Hour
Pokemon Go Wailmer Spotlight Hour

You might be wondering if Wailmer can be Shiny. Yes, Shiny Wailmer is accessible in Pokemon Go, which means you may develop it with 400 Candy to acquire Shiny Wailord. Shiny Pokemon are exceedingly rare in Pokemon Go.

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But an event like Spotlight Hour provides an ideal opportunity to catch shiny Pokemon because the highlighted Pokemon spawns in large numbers during this period. The shiny Wailmer odds in Pokemon Go are one in 500, or a 0.2% probability.

Pokemon Go Wailmer Spotlight Hour Tips 

  • Use PokeCoins to buy Incense to get more spawns.
  • Ensure enough space in your store box to catch many Wailmers.
  • Keep PokeBalls in handy to catch Wailmers.
  • Use Lucky Egg to gather XP during the event.

Pokemon Go Wailmer evolution

During the Spotlight Hour, players may take advantage of hundreds of Pokemon Go Wailmer spawns. We encourage players to utilize Pinap Berries to obtain additional Candy from each capture.

Players can obtain additional Candy by transferring Wailmer. However, before transferring Wailmer, be careful to check the assessment and save those with strong stats to develop into Wailmer in Pokemon Go.

That’s all you need to know about the Pokemon Go Wailmer event as I’ll see you in the next guide of Pokemon Go.

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