How To Fix 2 KM Mission in Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event

‘Dark Flames’ in Pokemon Go will run from June 29 until July 2. The event features a boosted spawn rate for Dark as well as Fire-type Pokemon along with perks such as 25% more XP and three additional Candy from completing Raids. Mega Sableye, Heatran, and Tutanator are up for the taking.

Just like any other event, a Special ‘Dark Flames’ Timed Research is available. Trainers can obtain approximately 7000 Stardust, 15,000 XP, and a variety of Pokeballs, and encounter rare Pokemon as a Research reward including Alolan Marowak (Fire Path) and Scraggy (Dark Path).

Pokemon Go shiny legendary pokemon
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Step 1 of the Pokemon Go Dark Flame Timed Research requires trainers to:-

  • Explore 2 km ( reward: 10 Poké Balls)
  • Catch 2 fire- or dark-type Pokémon (reward: 10 Great Balls)
  • Catch 10 different species of Pokémon (reward: 10 Ultra Balls)

After completing this task, the quest will branch into two options: dark or fire. For trainers choosing the Dark Path, it is recommended to invest in Poochyena and Carvanha, while the ones in the Fire Path should look forward to evolving Vulpix and Numel to complete the Collection Challenge.

What is the 2 KM mission glitch in Pokemon Go?

Several players have reported a problem in the ‘explore’ missions. Basically, the game requires the trainers to cover a certain distance but despite moving around in the map for hours, the task isn’t completed. It remains stuck at 0.

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Reddit user Silph Road encountered such a glitch back in 2021. Despite the updates, there have been still some issues regarding the addition of kilometers. Time is running out for Trainers still stuck in phase one of the Dark Flames Timed Research.

How to fix the explore 2 KM mission in the Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event

There are a few methods to get the kilometer tracker back in line. Primarily, the issue occurs due to a problem with the GPS. Ensure that the connection is properly working. If the problem isn’t with the phone’s location tracker, restarting or reinstalling the Pokemon Go app could fix the problem.

Activating the Buddy missions is another way of solving the Pokemon Go 2 KM glitch. Feed three berries to your Pokemon Buddy and stroll around the map with it following your footsteps, keeping in mind the distance covered. The game takes up on that and the glitch is often fixed.

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Lastly, the glitch in the Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event may be temporary. Although the progress bar isn’t filled after covering 1 KM, i.e. halfway to the task, it is automatically completed once a trainer covers 2 kilometers.

Dark Flames will span only three days and the tasks might be difficult for those who didn’t stock up on Pokeballs or Stardust. Here is the event guide for the Timed Research.