Can Oddish Be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Oddish is a favorite of many trainers due to its cute appearance similar to a root vegetable. It debuted in Pokemon Go in 2016.

Oddish has three evolutions: it transforms into Gloom which costs 25 Candy, and then either change to Vilepume or Bellosom with 100 Candy. A Sun Stone is required for the Bellosom evolution.

Oddish in Pokemon Go has a max CP of 1389. At level 50, its HP is 120, Attack 131 ATK, Defense 112, and Stamina 128. The Grass-and-Poison type Pokemon is a better alternative than Bellsprout and even Bulbasaur.

However, trainers usually use it for Great Leagues since its evolutions aren’t worth investing in as compared to the mentioned Grass types.

Is There Shiny Oddish in Pokemon Go?

Is there Shiny Oddish Pokemon go
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Similar to other Kanto forms, there is a Shiny Oddish in Pokemon Go. Niantic celebrated the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Taipei City by releasing a Shiny version of Oddish in September 2019. lists the chances of catching a Shiny Oddish to be 1/443. 

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A Shiny Oddish in Pokemon Go does have a distinctive edge over the normal version. Oddish has green leaves with a blue face while a Shiny Oddish has slightly less chlorophyll in its leaves, i.e. less green, and has a cheerful green face. The appearance changes when it evolves, with Vileplume having orange petals on its head and Bellosom being blue instead of green.

How To Catch a Shiny Oddish in Pokemon Go?

One way to catch a Shiny Oddish is by encountering and capturing more Oddish in the wild. By the time a trainer catches their 200th, the odds of finding a Shiny Oddish will be a little less than 50%. Spawning time for Oddish will increase during certain events.

It will be nothing short of a miracle if Shiny Oddish pops up during random hunts. To increase the chances of capturing one, trainers need to wait for the next Spotlight Hour.

The last time Oddish was the center of attention was on April 2022. During this hour, spawn rates of the Pokemon were maximized, and even completing special research tasks rewarded players with a Shiny version.

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Which is better: Vileplume or Bellosom?

Trainers usually prefer Vileplume over Bellosom due to its high attack stat and overall CP. Vileplume has a max CP of 2893 with an Attack of 202 while Bellosom has a CP of 2578 and an Attack of 169. The former also has Poison-type Moves.

Although the Grass-type Bellosom has limited moves, it does have a higher Defense stat than Vileplum. Its speedy Razor Leaf/Bullet Seed and Leaf Blade combo has a TTFA of just 5 seconds.

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