Bird Pokemon: Best of All Time List

In the average Pokémon adventure, few things are quite as common as catching a bird in the tall grass somewhere on the road. In the community of Pokémon, there is a lot of love for these aviary fans. Even if you don’t like it, you are likely to have to keep it so that the region can fly you.

There are big, small, nice, and truly dubious ones. Some are flying, some others are not flying. Overall, in the whole franchise, it is one of the most diverse types of Pokémon.

Whether you want to make an all-bird group or choose an all-bird creature for your party, it can be hard to settle for just 1. This list has just been compiled for you, bird lovers. You can recall your Pokémon knowledge on past adventures and refresh it a bit.

The best bird Pokémon comes in various sizes and styles from the ordinary to the legendary. These stylish feathered characters are known to be super elusive (well some – you can always find Pidgey if you want or not).

It definitively helps you have a few winged warriors in your team, from vibrant yellow birds like Zapdos to beautiful blue Pokémon birds like Articuno. And these two-headed Pokémon birds such as Doduo can’t be forgotten. Who’s your favourite Pokémon bird of yours?

Best Bird Pokemon List

This list contains bird Pokemon, so look and vote in the comment section for your favourites. Have you seen your favourite bird?

1. Eiscue


Anime eclipses We begin the list with one of Pokémon’s weirdest designs to date. Come on the Freak Game, have you cut so many Sword and Shield Pokémon for that?

But putting an ice cube on a bird’s head doesn’t count as creating a Pokemon, I mean, I’ve nothing against penguins. Even the gimmick of his ice cube that melts down can’t save her.

In fight, it is a very tanky Pokemon in the general, but there actually are others to pick from. Eiscue’s Ice Face capability allows it to avoid one physical attack. For this bird, my heart was cold.

2. Vullaby


The Vullaby is the Diapered Pokémon, is a little less badly designed, yet also appalling in appearance and concept.

It is basically a baby cargo bird, which is still on the undersides, about half of its egg. What does this even have to do? Oh, although it’s Dark/Flying, it can’t really fly. So this is cool. So this is cool.

3. Mandibuzz


Mandibuzz, the evolution of Vullaby from Generation V is the first airborne Pokémon on the list. A step forward! A step forward! I could have persuaded Mandibuzz a little bit higher if it wasn’t for that horrific baby form. The Pokémon Bone Vulture has decent defence and defence statistics. This is likely due in part to the bones used to decorate and protect the body.

Unlike Chatot, the design of Mandibuzz only works — it goes beyond the cool motive of the skull. Mandibuzz is one of the only dual types of Flying / Dark, which means you have Psychic Pokémon instant immunity. Being part of flying negates the damage caused by flying, so besides the usual weaknesses, you only need to worry about the type of fairy.

Mandibuzz moves pretty fast too, and it can take a beat in return, even if it does not hit hard. This skull is apparently not just a show, as the base defence status of Mandibuzz is 105, unbelievably high for a flying type. And you have many offensive and defensive measures to get your opponents confused and destroyed as long as you do their own attacks.

4. Delibird


A midway between Santa Claus and an underpaid delivery boy from your local 24/7 pizza joint, Delibird is known as the delivery boy.

The whole day she spends in a bag carrying her food from one end to the other. The Pokédex does not explain why, but it is known that it is shared with others in need. This kind of Ice/Flying isn’t very powerful in battle but its chubby charm is hard to deny.

5. Cramorant


This royal blue bird from the region of Galar is also known for its food but in its beak. Known as Gulp Pokémon, Cramorant has the ability to carry Gulp Missile fish back from the sea after surfing.

He can launch these fish as projectiles at enemies in order to cause additional damage. This Flying Water Type is an overall mediocre pokemón in battle, despite this interesting strange.

6. Chatot


This addition to Generation IV is a bird speaking in the Pokemon Universe, able to learn and speak human words if spending time with people.

Chatot is a perfect Pokémon pirate companion with a tropical design resembling a musical touch, but don’t expect to help to fight. Sp. Atk and Speed are the best stats, but they don’t write anything home.

Chatot is probably the lowest in the series, but mainly because of its signature move, Chatter, it is on our top flying type Pokémon list. In the DS days, it was a great gimmick. But Chatter still has a useful attack without recording Chatot’s words to shout at opponents. It uses Chatot’s exceptionally high Special Attack (95) and may also confuse enemies.

While other statistics by Chatot may not be so impressive, they may still shine in the right move. This special attack stat is a must-have movement. Air Cutter. And you can add moves like Boomburst with Egg or with Sing you can stop the adversaries on their tracks.

7. Spearow


The Spearow, one of the Tiny Bird Pokémon from the original 151, is on the opposite side of the intelligence range. I’ve never met anyone who liked Spearow in my long years of Pokémon discussions with friends and online friends.

It’s on the original roster, other than because of his dramatic image in the first episode of Pokémon anime where a group picks up Ash and Pikachu until the latter shocks them.

8. Fearow


Despite this terrific meeting, Ash finally catches a Spearow and raises it to a Fearow. Beak Pokémon is known and it is easy to understand why. I mean, with that thing they can easily stab someone, and many of them have probably.

Speed and attack are their highest attributes in combat, but although their strength is not particularly high, they can be a feature to clear a Pokémon game of the first generation.

9. Wingull


On these small sea breeze friends, I always loved the simple, charming design. I’ve always had a kind of nautical appeal for the games in the Hoenn Region.

Perhaps it was the vivid colours in water areas or simply a result of the many interesting things to do when using surfing across water bodies. The Gene III games became my favourites, and the charm Wingull embraces.

10. Pelipper


Naturally, during my performance, I finally caught and trained one. I first appreciated its type, but when it got harder and strengthened my other Pokémon, it became less prominent but just as important: HM Slave. It was also important.

See, both Fly and Surf can be learned by Pelipper. And even less common movements such as Dive and Waterfalls. It was also useful to strengthen my Swampert because its ability to Drizzle makes it rain in a fight.

11. Ducklett


Generation V’s Ducklett is another Pokémon that brings air and water together. It is known like Pelipper as the Water Bird Pokémon and its other features such as being great diver. This is a cutie-patootie with a beautiful, sweet and charming colour.

12. Swanna


However, it mainly develops into Swant to, the “White Bird Pokémon.” This type of water/flies has all we have associated with swans over the years.

It’s gracious and it gives a harmonious aura. This bird is known to participate in choreographed dancing with its colleagues as a nod to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan dance.”

13. Hoothoot


When Harry Potter movies peaked, Hoothoot had some popularity in certain circles. The Owl Pokémon was designed to make this normal/flight-type alive in the Johto region rather than fight.

This Pokémon will perfectly tell you the time with a particular organ, even if it cannot win badges for you, and it starts hooting every day at the same time.

14. Noctowl


The anime Hedwig’s Noctowl! I thought you were dead! I thought you were dead. Your Hoothoot will become a Noctowl after enough fighting and travel.

Noctowl still does much better at other things than fighting, despite having a great HP and even some Sp. Defence, such as guiding trainers through dense dark forests and wise.

15. Murkrow


For your Halloween costume, Murkrow is the one you want. This kind of Dark/Flying is one of the favourite winsome people worldwide.

It’s known as the Pokémon of the Darkness, and anybody who sees it would be brought to misfortune. You will find that it’s indeed the lucky Pokémon if you can ignore prejudice and superstition. Their ability to improve their critical rate, Super Luck!

16. Honchkrow


The one who calls shots in the world of Pokémon crime is known as the big boss Pokémon. Honchkrow still uses his super chance, thanks to his great attack and an acceptable attack on the Sp. Honchkrow can be a powerful ally.

In the wild, she rarely fights her own battles because her Murkrow friends follow her every command.

17. Natu


In the universe of Pokémon, one never knows whether or not a Pokémon-inspired object. This appears to be the case with Natu, a small bird pokemon, which looks like it’s been made from wood by indigenous tribes and painted with forest pigments.

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This totem-like creature is a mental/flight-like creature which still has to develop strong wings to remain airborne. Rather, it jumps in relatively easy heights, usually to reach cacti fruit.

18. Xatu


Once it has developed, it only seems like a sacred ritual object… or a drink you can find in an American reservation in a souvenir shop. Known as the Mystic Pokémon, Xatu is said to be standing in the sun most of the day. It’s supposedly because it has revealed horrific truths to see both past and future.

In fighting, the only thing that is good for his future vision is to pass through the enemy team with Xatu’s high speed and attack stats. The hidden ability of Magic Bounce can also prevent conditions from occurring.

19. Sigilyph


Sigilyph is a completely different species added in Generation V although it looks very similar in style to Xatu. A regional variant, maybe? In southern Peru, Avianoid Pokémon are modelled on the mysterious Nazca Lines and have been said to never change their flight paths, as they have been guarding a city long ago. The city is no longer, but its guards are still roaming its ruins.

Sigilyph is just one of the strange-looking Pokémon. But we’re ready to be all right with that. Thanks to Noctowl, Sigilyph’s psychic flying may not be too rare, but Sigilyph certainly pulls it from the most. It has a higher special attack to truly drive those special and psychic movements home. And it takes moves to support its defences like Tailwind and Cosmic Power and to get the opponents to go. You can also hang onto Sigilyph, such as Hypnosis and Thunder Wave, with a healthy dose of support attacks.

This is our selection for the best bird Pokémon list. Have your favourite flyers been cut off from our list? Let us know in the comments and check out our latest article for more useful information!

20. Dodrio


The Triple Bird Pokémon, Dodrio was one of the strongest Pokémon in the times of the original games. This type of Normal/Flying has three heads in the same body with separate brains.

Although it seems useless and counterproductive, it turns out to have its advantages, such as keeping one head watching others sleep and monitoring all directions during the fighting. Although not particularly strong, in a fight with good attack value and speed, it can carry its own weight.

The pinnacle of Pokémon gen 1, even if it’s a glass cannon, is Dodrio. Dodrio is faster and stronger than Fearow and Pidgeot, so you get an extra boost for moves like Drill Peck and Giga Impact with the same type of attack bonuses.

If you teach Swords Dancing too, that will double. Dodrio is not built to defence, but with high speed and attack, before your opponent sends the bird packing you can still do some severe damage.

21. Pidove


This little ball of cuteness is Pidove in anime Pokémon, the first bird that was readily available in generation V.

Pidove is a Normal-type, known as the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon, whose main feature is its silliness. It’s unforgettable, and I almost always have problems understanding its Trainer. I have nothing against it.

22. Unfezant


That being said, you are rewarded with a fantastic partner, if Arceus blessed you patiently and you can raise a pidove into adulthood. Unfezant is the final form of Pidove, in male and female versions with different looks.

Both are styled after a couple of carnival masked socialites, which are known for their pride. Speed and attack both protect its pride and honour in fighting for dignity, and Big Peck’s ability prevents this latter from being reduced by things such as bullying.

23. Pikipek


You will find a familiar rhythm for Pikipek’s constant wood pecking when you are into woodworking or have worked in a building site for long enough.

Pikipek is introduced in the Alola region of Generation VII and is a small and adorable birthplace with a remarkably high Attack value.

Their tendency to peck wood repeatedly refers to a skill link in fighting, which maximizes the number of hits it takes to use multi-hit movements. They are also known as the Woodpecker Pokémon.

24. Toucannon


Despite the small size of its skills of Pikipek, it will finally become a Toucannon and will take you along. This angry bird is called Cannon Pokémon and is modelled on a colourful toucan.

It was said that they form unbelievably harmonious couples in the wilderness, which resulted in Alolan weddings being used as charms. Like Pikipek, it’s an extraordinary status, but in Pokémon battles, it doesn’t get much more to do.

25. Rufflet


If you are not looking for woodworking and multi-coloured beaks in a computer, perhaps you will find a more attractive alternative to Generation V’s Rufflet.

The Eaglet Pokémon is known to stand bravely several times its size against opponents, but its brave conduct is rash and often endangers it. It has a strange and unique atmosphere that predicts grandeur.

26. Braviary


Eventually, this greatness comes in the form of Braviary, the incredible Valiant Pokémon who rules the skies of the Unova area. Her carelessness was replaced by trust in her abilities, supported by many battles’ experiences.

Both Attack and HP are stellar, and a huge bruiser is expected. This Normal/Flying Type is one of the most refined designs of Generation V that features a threatening shape and solid colours.

27. Taillow


Taillow is the Tiny Swallow Pokémon, which appears as Hoenn’s version of the “easy access, cute bird.” This cheeky bird has more than once accompanied me during my Hoenn adventures.

I remember that his colour scheme and slick style, still among the best in the franchise, captivated me. They are brave creatures that never come back from a challenge, according to the Pokédex. They feed on Wurmple too, which I think is good.

28. Swellow


All this courage helps Taillow to develop into this stylish and badass Pokémon. You would find a quicker player in the typical team of the player with difficulty. If a status malfunction is affected, the ability to attack increases its value so the favour is returned.

Swellow lives and travels in groups, helping each other clean its feathers, helping them maintain their sleek and bright style.

29. Archen


Archen, the First Bird Pokemon, is one of the most wondrous Pokémon to be born from a fossil. This cute and creative design combines characteristics of both to great results, as is the missing link between dinosaurs and modern birds.

Even this baby form, thanks to its default ability, the Rock / Flyer type can achieve remarkable Attack values, which improves the status when it is over halfway mark.

30. Archeops


When Archen develops to its final form, he becomes a majestic creature, much like Archaeopteryx, its true counterpart.

The defeatism remains its highest, which together with high offences makes Archeops a truly viable partying player and competitive player. Archeops is also a very strong party member. One of the coolest fossil monsters of the series must also be.

31. Yveltal


Yveltal, known as Pokémon Destruction, doesn’t look like a bird precisely; it’s dark/flying and has wings, so we’re going to go with it only.

This threatening figure made her debut as the legendary pocket monster of Pokémon Y, which has made her name for herself through her incredible offensive capacity. Its power-up dark aura moves, which Yveltal is full of. And yes, the letter ‘Y’ is clearly intended.

Yveltal is an even more versatile monster than Landorus and its different shapes, Pokémon Y’s legendary box. Yveltal is usually an offensive specialist who makes great use of his signature move Oblivion Wing. This power also boosts its status and ability.

Yveltal, on the other hand, has an amazing utility movement that can force walls to switch off the toxic and taunt threat.

It can still hit decently hard with Pokemon, which has already been set up by Foul Play, to check for. There are many uses for Yveltal, and although casual players often forget it’s still very powerful.

32. Corviknight


Will the dark knights grow old at any time? Perhaps the coolest Pokémon ever made is the last form of Generation VIII Rookie.

It is a beast of the type Flying/Steel with black metal wings like a plate armour knight. This intimidating look pushes the region’s other birds and Pokémon, doubling PP costs and making it the supreme dominator of Galar’s sky.

It’s also becoming the regional air taxi service’s official Pokémon. Due to its excellent Defense status and its Mirror Armor ability to deflect any status problems back on the aggressor, it will take anything its foes need to throw at it like chambers.

Croviknight, the new Sword and Shield bird, has both a cool design and power and is well-received by the fans. It’s a flyer and steel-type like Skarmory. It’s cool and can bounce back any lower stat effects. It’s called Mirror Armor. It can take great movements including U-turn, substitute, Drill Peck, Power Trip, Bulk Up, Roost, Taunt, Defog and Brave Bird.

The remains for healing or a Rocky Helmet for damage would be among the best things to put on this bird.

If Mandibuzz didn’t suffice for you as a bird tank, then Corviknight should just right ruffle your feathers. In this new addition to the Pokédex, Fire and Electric only have two weaknesses. Wow, you say, Skarmory is like that.

But Corviknight’s attack, HP, and defence are higher. Although Skarmory may move a little faster, Corviknight can fight offence and defence. While Corviknight’s moving pool looks familiar — all the usual flying and steel movements — its strong stats and position as an all-rounder make it fit with any staff.

33. Farfetch’d


Rather than armour, our next Pokémon prefers to concentrate on the offensive and use leek as his chosen weapon. I speak of Farfetch’d, Generation I OG Wild Duck Pokémon.

According to the Pokédex, the Farfetch’d show several types of leeks that are demonstrated by its larger leeks from Galleries, which they hold differently. I’m pretty sure that Farfetch would be her preferred criterion if Miku Hatsune was a Pokémont Trainer.

34. Sirfetch’d


Sirfetch’d, the knightly and honourable development of Farfetch’d, is with the eyes of a silver fox and a big leek sword.

They’re all about rivalry and fighting fair, both in the wild and under the direction of a trainer. After all, a Pokémon does not require underhand tactics with its good, well-rounded statistics.

It will not allow them either to be used, bypassing the immunity even of Ghost-type to normal and combat moves because of its hidden ability to scrappy.

Make sure that you value this guerrilla as long as it lasts, for she will give up all fighting once her great leek is gone.

35. Skarmory


Skarmory, the OG Metal bird much before Corviknight arrived, was one of the first steel types Pokémon to enter the fray when the type was launched in Generation II.

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I remember this Pokemon being treated like a legendary, as it was difficult to get and as a Steel/Flying guy was unusual. Skarmory has some very nice stats although it is not really legendary, and its defence is over the roof. In the competitive scene, it has become a popular tank.

Skarmory is a high-defence pokemon, both of steel and a floating type. Due to its low HP and special defence status, however, it can compete. Since it is Steel-Type, the Fire-Types are also weak.

Toxic, Spikes, Roost, Whirlwind, Stealth Rock, Combo and Protect are all recommended measures for teaching.

A Leftovers or Rocky Helmet would be good to give. But take care of Taunt’s move because it can quickly ruin your Skarmory strategy.

36. Oricorio


I was always a Pokémon fan in various shapes, like Oricorio’s single bird, Alola. This bird is known all over the region for the dance movements that change with the appearance and typing of Oricorio depending on the type of nectar it has eaten most recently.

The dances of Baile, Pom Pom, Sensu and Pa’u are all based on cultural dances from Spain to Japan. In fighting, Oricorio, thanks to its dynamic types, is a very versatile Pokémon. It has good speed and a Sp. attack, so it works as a comfortable sweeper.

37. Pidgey


It doesn’t mean it is forgotten simply because something’s old, and Pidgey’s the perfect example. At some moment, everyone trained him, went from Tiny Bird Pocémon to something else and saw him grow and learned the secrets of evolution.

Although a player could capture the very first bird type of Pokémon, Pidgey’s popularity is far from diminishing. All this makes it weird that no new regional varieties or anything like that has been achieved.

38. Pidgeot


Pidgeot has a Mega Evolution at least, right? And it needed one, unequivocally. Although such an iconic character in the history of Pokémon, its figures remain as they were once.

Pidgeot’s got incredible speed, but otherwise, it’s pretty mediocre. This Pokémon Magicarp food still has its place in the heart of fandom.

39. Piplup


Against penguins, I told you I had nothing. And how can I be the Penguin Pokémon when Piplup, is the most discerning starter of Generation IV.

This Pokémon is famous for its refusal of gifts and overall difficulty in bonding with others. But if you succeed, for the rest of your adventure, you will find a strong companion, slowly passing from a minute adorable penguin into a destructive force.

40. Prinplup


The first step is to evolve into Prinplup, a princely bird with a design that looks like a military uniform. In the wild, they refuse to form groups, as they each view themselves as the main Prinplup.

This is why it’s not surprising when you suddenly find that Prinplup is 15 levels higher than everybody else in your party and every fight is constantly solo.

41. Empoleon


Finally, your principal penguin will give up all subtlety, and the Emperor Pokemon will crown himself. This beast of the type Water/Steel has an unbelievably creative design based on Napoleon Bonaparte.

In addition to looking cool, Empoleon is also luminous for her high Sp. Attack and Sp. Defence, making it a powerful bruiser to beat before going down. During the one-player development, this imperial bird will be able to withstand few things.

42. Moltres


When that fiery bird flies over, even the night sky turns red. Moltres, the Flame Pokémon, is the first of the legendary birds to be included in this list. It is said that a molten lava bath is just what it needs to be felt better when it is wounded early Spring.

Choose to fight, and the variety of strong emotions, like Burn Up and Hurricane and their efficiency as a sweeper of this type of fire/flying, will surprise you. This guy made the list of my favourite types of fire and, frankly, every pixel on the page deserves it.

43. Swablu


But power isn’t everything, right? This cute Generation III fluff ball has thus made it high on the list. This is why. Swablu is known as the Pokémon Cotton Bird. In the wind, it’s a cotton ball. It’s a mystery to me how it manages to fly with these flappy wings.

44. Altaria


Altaria may not be the most revolutionary Pokemon in Swablu’s anime, but its development has changed things back in the day. Dragon-type was still quite overpowered in Generation III.

So the competitive scene was shaken when they released this Dragon/Flying-type animal.

Even now, despite the Fairy-type, it’s a strong Pokémon that balances dragon-like. Its appearance is noble. Its Mega Altaria form takes the fluff on to the next level, probably the most beautiful of all birds. A beautiful soprano voice, which has earned it the title of “Humming Pokémon.” This lively creature is famous.

Who does not love the fluffy design of birds? The dragon and the flying type can develop Mega-Evolving, but it loses its Flying type and is replaced by the Fairy-Type.

So we won’t talk about its mega-evolution. However, we must say that because of its mega evolution it has become much larger competitor in coaching teams. It already has an incredible defence on its own, however.

45. Zapdos


The Thor de Pokémon, Zapdos, comes with a tasty, smart design and the personality to support it. This Legendary Bird of the Electric Type was the first Pokémon film I watched as a kid.

In addition to a placient design, Zapdos is a big fighting company, where it works like a massively powerful sweeping machine with bright statistics focussing on Sp. Attack.

46. Starly


During the journey, most trainers keep at least one bird in their teams, and since this is most often the first one they meet, they should strive to make it cool and effective.

This role was starkly played in the Sinnoh region of generation IV, and Pidgey has had a nice callback to the simplicity of its cute design, so strongly influenced by doves. If you ask me, this is Pokémon’s peak design.

47. Staraptor


When you reach Elite Four, the Predator Pokémon will have transformed your Starly into Staraptor. This normal/flying-type animal will intimidate its enemies and reduce their attack status to make up for a low defence.

Then she will wipe the board with her enemies with her stellar statistics of attack and speed and move like Brave Bird or Close Combat. The majority of Staraptor leave their flocks in the wild to travel around the world, which challenges stronger enemies on its own.

Staraptor is a popular Pokemon bird, but it is often outstanding because new Pokemon become part of the competition scene.

In competition with powerful and strategic moves, however, it can take certain threats out, such as Brave Bird, U-Turn, Double-Edge, Close Combat, Tailwind, Defog, Pursuit, Giga Impact, Roost, Substitute, Retaliate, Quick Attack, Return, etc. They are most helpful in niche situations, so they are the least powerful on this list.

The Hidden Ability, Reckless is recommended because this enhances Brave Bird.

Staraptor, a bird that beats Pidgeot for one of Pokémon’s best flight types ever, is the General IV Normal/Flying representative. Its smart design and enviable coif reveal the strengths of this Pokémon.

This is the non-rock version of Aerodactyl in terms of sheer power with an attack status of 120 and a speed of 100.

The most common bird movements, such as Steel Wing and Brave Bird, are achieved. The same attack bonus also gives rise to additional damage with Giga Impact. You will almost always be in control of the fight with Staraptor on your side with movements like Roost and Toxic as well.

48. Articuno


I think of Articuno whenever I think of “Bird Pokémon.” Since I was a child, its lovely design penetrated my mind deeply. I still remember how it looked at Pokémon stadium and its 3D graphics and great effects were taken full advantage of.

Well, they were at that time. This legendary bird, known as the Freeze Pokémon, should make snow when it flies above. In combat, it’s a tanky Sp. Defense Sweeper and its pressures make sure the enemies run out of PP before they can seriously damage the splendid beast.

49. Rowlet


Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon from Generation VII, must be one of Pokémon’s most important starters in history. It is a true gift to bird enthusiasts all over to start such a grand grass. It even carries a bowtie so you know that it’s the choice of the gentleman.

50. Dartrix


Every cute Pokémon round has to go on a more “grave” look finally. When he turns Dartrix into the Blade Quill Pokémon, Rowlet exhibits its adorable charm for an older design.

It might not still be the most powerful Pokémon out. But thanks to its decent offensive ability and overcrowding abilities, it will take you through many gyms.

51. Decidueye


All the effort and time that Dartrix puts into training is realized by becoming Decidueye who seems to be more of a killer than a Pokémon. That makes me wonder if it is all just one big Batman reference, a weird turn away from its kindling/Butler look.

The Arrow Quill Pokémon in all cases has an extraordinarily cool, captivating design that made it my favourite Alolan starter since I started looking at it.

Thanks to its great attacking capabilities, which are supported by strong sp. In defence, this bow-fighting Grass/Ghost-type is sure to be one of the bulkiest bruisers on the team.

53. Fletchling


When Pokémon’s sixth generation arrived, Game Freak was experienced in designing a first-catch bird that could easily be found. Fletchling, the Tiny Robin Pokémon, a Normal / Flying-type with its smallest… it was the result of their years’ experience.

The “Smol Pokémon” really should be called. If you believe that it’s appealing, just imagine a group of them shrieking in the woods of the region of Kalos and start to imagine how Pokémon people live.

54. Talonflame


This cuteness quickly becomes a badass as Fletchling, Talonflame, arrives at its final form. The change to Fire/Flying, accompanied by a change in design from a small, cute crypto to a midface of a prey bird and a military jet, is among the many improvements.

Scorching pokémon is most likely to be a key player in your battle against the four Elites and will be with you when you are the crowned Pokémon Champion, with insane speed and great abilities like Flame Body and Gale Wings.

Talonflame has both a crushing dominance as well as a time of middling success. The artist was formerly named Smogonbird.

It was unaffected at X&Y where it was cleaned up by Gale Wings with unbelievable priority. However, the fire-type bird could not go like it used to with a lot of priority inspections and a Gale Wings nerve in the Sun and Moon.

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Happily, Talonflame is coming to the throne once again with his visit to Galar and a couple of Heavy Duty Boots. Time is going to tell how strong Talonflame is going to be in the meta, but its unbelievable power has demonstrated its ability to stay once and again.

55. Ho-Oh


The young Ash sees a beautiful bird overhead in heaven in the first episode of the anime. This Pokémon was introduced in the second generation of games soon after this episode premiered.

It was Ho-Oh, the Rainbow Pokémon, who thought he could bring joy to anyone who saw his seven-coloured wings shining in the sun.

This OG Legendary bird usually doesn’t get the love that Lugia’s unique design overshadows. However, in many battles where you catch it and train it, there’s no doubt that it is a fantástic Fire/Flying-type.

56. Hawlucha


Hawlucha, Pokémon’s best bird of all franchise, has a far-reaching flight over the Legendary birds with the style and strength to be the champion of the Pokémon League and the WWE.

In addition, this beast has all the qualities of a winner in competitive play, apart from having the most unusual and stylish design ever used in Pokemon Universe.

It has the Unburden capacity with high speed, which doubles the stat when the Pokémon is consuming the item it carries. Give it the proper item and you’re going to be set. It shows that when the glory of victory is on the line, lines and size matter little.

A popular typeface is Flying Pokémon. We’ve taken some of them and ranked them as some of Pokémon’s most powerful.

Hawlucha is disappointed with how good it is because he’s just a flying pokemon in one stage. It was OU, however, for a reason since it was added. It has unprecedented speed and a firm attack status that allows it to flex its muscles. It’s almost unlike unburden.

Hawlucha can also restore its own health by roosting so that the sweep cannot be so easily stopped once it has been established. It can’t break the hardest walls without boosts, but it’s incredible with them. Hawlucha is now one of the kings of the squares with some of his counters gone.

57. Noivern


Noivern is a wicked rapid bat, with many different movesets in its arsenal, introduced in Pokemon X&Y. Search for use?? Taunt or Defog and Roost are provided by Noivern and make it a strong base. Do you need anything with powerful special attacks that can hit hard?

For most of one or two things, Noivern is one of those super-focused Pokémon. Noiver excels in speed and has a sufficient special attack to take strong advantage of special moves such as a hurricane, dragon pulse and Draco meteor in particular.

58. Togekiss


Togekiss is the ultimate player’s Pokemon, with every move rolling the dice. Its two major features, Serene Grace and Super Luck are all about playing the least favourite element for every battler.

It is not enough for this Pokemon to be able to use its enormous special attack status in Nasty Plot, Roost, and a few solid special attack options; it must also be a bird-shaped Slot machine.

When Serene Grace Togekiss is used it feels like borderline cracking since every Air Slash appears to flush. If Togekiss rolls around, without Stealth Rocks you can feel unable to break down in a world.

However, the real appeal is the range. As with Flamethrower, Air Slash works. Or if you need an element of surprise, you might try Shadow Ball and Grass Knot. This does not even take into account the status and the status of Togekiss.

59. Pelipper


As another Route 1 Pokemon, pelipper suffered for the longest time. There are subtle statistics and types that are not too big, so it’s not very punchy. It does not come from itself, however, but from the way that it enables its team.

The old Pelican in Sun and Moon with Drizzle makes it the ultimate Pokemon in every rain team to support. It offers Defog the ability to enter danger, Roost can stay healthy and can swing quickly into a U-turn bar. Pelipper won’t ever spike a pokemon, but it’s second to none.

60. Salamence

Movesets recommendations include Dragon Meteor, Dragon Dance, Air Cutter, Roost, Heal Bell, Toxic, Cotton Guard, SafeGuard, Refresh and Flamethrower. Movesets recommendations The best choice is based on the statistics of your Altaria.


Salamence is both a Dragon-Type and a Flying. This makes the Ice-Types super weak. However, it is advantageous to be a dragon who can use Roost among competitors. It can also develop mega-evolve, giving it a very high-speed status.

It is immune to competitive movements such as spikes and toxic spikes. Dragon Dance can also be used to improve its statistics slowly.

61. Dragonite


Dragonite is a dragon and a flying type, just like Salamence. It has many of the same weaknesses and strengths.

The multiscale skills of the Dragonite make it even better than Salamence because it is able to halve its damage so that the majority of attacks hit it when it is healthy.

Suggested Dragonite movements include Waterfall, Speed Extreme, Dragon Dancing, Dragon Rush, Pulsing Dragon, Thunder, Surfing, and Hurrica.

62. Charizard


This type of fire and fly is very popular as a first-generation starter. It has become a very powerful enemy since it could evolve Mega-Evolve.

Steel and grass types can be eliminated quickly without any problem. Due to the Flying Type, Roost can learn to keep in the game as Dragon Dance boosts.

Additional films suggested include Dragon Claw and Earthquake, Flara Blitz, Solar Beam, Defog and Outrage. You must look for Rock Type, Water Type, and also Ground Type when Mega-X-Evolved. Y’s version of Dragon Types should be careful.

63. Gyarados


Yeah, the flying type is indeed a Gyarados. To be exact, water and flying. It turns into water and dark-type when it evolves mega-e. It never has a Dragon-Type, but can learn the moves of the Dragon-Type!

Moxie, who stimulates his attack every time a rival is knocked out, can have the ability. He is a great offensive member of a team with this ability and his stats.

Their main weakness, however, is speed. A Gyarados is a great way of learning Bounce, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Taunt, Earthquake, Crunch and Substitutes. However, you have to be attentive to electricity types.

64. Aerodactyl


Another flying type that can evolve Mega-Evolve is Aerodactyl. It is also a rock type which contributes to one of the biggest weaknesses of the Flying-Type: movement of the electric type. Aerodactyl has a tonne of speed and power thanks to its Mega-Evolution.

Stone Edge is known as the best way to teach the maximum damage to aerodactyl. The proposed movements include Roost, Ice Fang, Aqua-Tail, Pursuit, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Crunch and Iron Head. Other movements are proposed.

But Aerodactyl needs to be careful about the movement of the water type and rapid threats.

65. Gliscor


The versatility of Gliscor is loved. It can be quite an unforeseen competitor because of this. Unpredictable good! Unpredictability is good! It is also defensive: ground and flying type! This makes Electric not as bad anymore as one of Flying-major Type’s weaknesses.

It can use Roost and it has a poison healing ability. It also has great healing techniques. This means that you want this man to have a toxic orb. In this way, his Poison Heal will be in effect immediately, although your adversary does not poison you.

Facaden, Roost, Erdbeben, Swords Dance, Toxic, Stealth Rock and Defog as well as Knock Off, all are excellent movements for Gliscor.

66. Kantonian Zapdos

Kantonian Zapdos

The Pokemon Red and Blue Legendary Bird Trio had a hard life. Moltres and Articuno have been forced to hide since the introduction of Stealth Rocks, fearing that they will lose half of their health.

They are finally allowed to compete with the other heavy-duty boots at least. On the other hand, Zapdos has only become strengthened.

Although Galarian-Zapdos are cool and unique, the stats and skills that the Cantonese Zapdos have are difficult to overcome.

As a hidden ability, static is quite powerful, and pressure is always useful. Moreover, it is a serious electric offensive threat with high speed and a special attack.

67. Landorus


Although Landorus-Therian is known in OU for its versatility and the full oddity of the metagame, Landorus regular is even more dangerous.

Landorus can shoot even other bulky legendary with more speed and a concentration on special attacks in combining with Sheer Force.

In addition, it can also put rocks in conjunction with ruptured walls, something that many rock creators cannot claim. Of course, in the Sword and in the Shield Stealth Rock might be nerfed, but they are still present. Landorus could always shine, and this doesn’t change the latest generation.

68. Lugia


Lugia has enormous power in the current metagame, a loved legendary Pokemon and guardian of the seas. Its ability to reduce damage from super effective attacks, Multiscale, makes its solid bulk even more prominent.

Even boosted Pokemon can’t take Lugia in a single hit often, and its strong velocity makes it a priority in drawn-out battles.

Unfortunately, the only war of attrition Lugia wins. It has good offensive statistics, but hardly enough for other legendaries to compete. However, when it examines many of the offensive threats in the Uber metagame, it does not need a great offensive presence.

69. Rayquaza


This is how to let’s put it: Mega-Rayquaza was so powerful that it was banned even from the Ubers-tier. Naturally, the most important flying type of the series should be considered. Even Rayquaza regularly is difficult to kill, Stealth Rocks being its greatest weakness.

We go through the game and find the best of all kinds, this time we look at Pokémon flying type. The world of Pokémon is packed with Pidgeys and Spearows that all jostle for your attention at the start.

But Flying types have a lot more than these little critics and their illusions. The ten best fly-type Pokémon have been rounded up below.

70. Crobat


Crobat is not Pokémon flying type the most powerful or even fastest. It can be one of the most useful, however. Mostly even attacking and special aggression statistics mean that Crobat can use and use a wide range of moves.

Poison movements such as Venoshock are a must as the usual Air Slash. Then, like Venom Drench to lower key opposing stats, Crobat’s Egg is moved and Nasty Plot to increase his own special attack.

And all this is accompanied by the flinching, sleeping, or confusion of enemies. Crobat has a tonne of tricks in his pocket that wait.

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