All Dog Pokemon Ultimate List (2024)

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When it comes to dogs we all know that they are the best friend of humans and there are lots of them in the Pokémon universe. If you’re a dog lover and wanted to how many dog pokemon are there? In this case, you’ve visited the correct place. Here I have listed all the dog … Read more

How Many Pokemon Are There

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If you are wondering to know how many pokemon are there or what is the total number of Pokemon. Here in this short guide, we are going to explain all the Pokemon that were introduced from Generation I to Generation IX in the last 26 years. When we heard about Pokemon there is one word … Read more

25 Sexy Pokemon List of All Time

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Here we have gathered some of the Sexy Pokemon in a single list. The Pokémon can have different strengths and weaknesses, making it very difficult to measure strength, but some look a lot more attractive and they’re sexier than a bunch of Pokémons available till now. You might assume that Pokemon aren’t necessarily thought of … Read more

Thunder Wave TM BDSP | How To Get It

This article covers all information about how you can get Thunder Wave TM BDSP. The players of pokemon brilliant diamond have too many wrong ideas regarding getting the thunder wave TM in the game. If the players of pokemon brilliant diamond are searching for the thunder wave TM in the world over the game then … Read more