How To Get Smurfette In Smurfs Village

Smurfette is the first female Smurf who is intelligent and capable, and fans will undoubtedly look up to her. She’s inquisitive, fearless, and adventurous, and she’s always up for new adventures.

She has a fantastic sense of humor and a flair for the snappy rejoinder. She is a sensitive soul with a compassionate heart and an infinite capacity for empathy. She and Clumsy can talk about philosophy for hours.

Gargamel created Smurfette as part of a scheme to kill the Smurfs simply by becoming a girl. Then, using his powers, Papa Smurf transformed Smurfette into a charming, caring Smurf and an essential member of the tribe.

Smurfs Village: How to get Smurfette

Smurfs Village Guide
How To Get Smurfette In Smurfs Village

Smurfette is available in the village, island, mountain top, planet swoof and grove.


Smurfette is one of the game’s numerous premium characters; she costs 30 smurfberries and wanders around your village. Every few hours, Smurfette will have a heart floating over her head; touch on it to gain 20 XP from every smurf who swoons near her. Aside from that, she comes with her own set of tasks.

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Smurfette is also available on the Mountain, however she costs 35 smurfberry instead of 30 smurfberry, and she can make neighboring smurfs swoon for XP every few hours, much like the village. However, on the mountain, she provides a 20% XP boost from crystals (you must have Grandpa Smurf’s Hut), and you can also purchase her tower for 10 smurfberry to turn her into her princess attire, which enhances the XP granted by the swooning smurfs.

Swoof Planet

She is also accessible on the Swoof Planet, where she costs 30 smurfberries, just as she did in the village. She can also make the smurfs swoon in space, even the swoofs. In space, you may purchase her throne for 10 smurfberry to convert her into her Cleopatra outfit, which enhances the XP won by swooning smurfs and swoofs. It also makes the swoofs do a new dance.


Smurfette is also available on the Island for 30 smurfberry, as she is in the village, but you must have already purchased her in the village in order to purchase her on the Island. In most of the spots on the island, she has a minigame instead of the heart hovering above her head.

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Smurfette has a store in the Grove that unlocks her as a character and allows you to gain points by tapping on her when the heart is above her head. The store costs 35 smurfberries and unlocks numerous products that may be purchased with seeds.

That’s how to get Smurfette in Smurfs Village as I’ll see you in the next guide.