Brawlhalla Tier List Best Legends Ranked

Looking for the Brawlhalla Tier List, Then this is your lucky day here we have composed a tier list of brawlhalla legends rankings with all the strongest and weakest.

Brawlhalla is a game known for its simple style of gameplay. The free-to-play combat game was launched on April 30, 2014, and has a growing base of players and has been increasing ever since.

Brawlhalla has playable characters called “legends” and you can simply grind them or pay for upgrading them statistically or visually. However, rather than upgrading, gameplay focuses more on the players’ skills.

The game has 56 legends that can be played today and each has its own stats and attributes. This game also has meta built around legends, as in other games.

This Tier List containsa total of five tiers from S Tier to D Tier in which S Tier has all the overpowered or strongest Brawhalla legends and D Tier has all the weakest legends.

S Tier

Brawlhalla  stats

The S Tier has the best of the best legends in Brawlhalla’s game. S Tier legends are the strongest in the game in terms of stats, attributes, atk and more.

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JaeyunSword and Greatsword
MagyarHammer and Sword
KojiBow and Sword
MakoKatars and Greatsword
OnyxGauntlet and Cannon
TerosHammer and Axe
SentinelHammer and Katar
ThorHammer and Orb

A Tier

Brawlhalla characters

Tier A is quite a strong type of legend, with a winning rate above 50 percent. Tier “A” is another set of great legends which have relatively higher winnings in this Brawlhalla level list. They are really good and they have no complainable weaknesses.

ZarielGauntlet and Bow
KorGauntlet and Hammer
Wu ShangGauntlet and Spear
CrossBlaster and Gauntlet
ScarletHammer and Lance
BödvarHammer and Sword
RaymanGauntlet and Axe
Arcadia Katar and Sword
Munin Scythe and a Bow
GnashHammer and Spear
Ezio Blades
AzothBow and Axe
PetraGauntlet and Orb

B Tier

Brawlhalla ranking

Tier B is average type legends, if you want you can use them. This tier represents the legendary level in the game that is “slightly above average.”

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CassidyBlaster and Hammer
BarrazaAxe and Blaster
DianaBow and Blaster
EmberBow and Katar
ValGauntlet and Sword
RagnirKatar and Axe
RenoBlasters and an Orb
DuskSpear and Orb
FaitScythe and Orb
YumikoBow and Hammer
XullCannon and Axe
HattoriSword and Spear
AsuriKatar and Sword
VectorLance and Bow
OrionLance, Rocket and Spear
Lord VraxxBlaster and Lance

C Tier

Brawlhalla tier list

Tier C is weak type legends, these legends are not really recommended. This is the average tier which also contains some legends below average.

CaspianGauntlet and Katar
BrynnAxe and Spear
MordexScythe and Gauntlet
KayaSpear and Bow
UlgrimAxe and Lance
JhalaAxe and Sword
Queen NaiSpear and Katar
ThatchSword and Blaster
IsaiahCannon and Blasters
NixScythe and Blaster
LucienKatar and Blaster
MirageScythe and Spear
VolkovAxe and Scythe
JiroScythe and Sword

D Tier

Brawlhalla ranks

Tier D is the worst type of legend, this type you can try to avoid them. These few legends are probably the worst to main in the whole game with the worst gain.

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They are not in their best form in the current patch and you should wait for them to be used by a major buff. They’re simply not the best matches for ranking and it’s best if you leave them untouched for now, at least. Play yourself at them.

SidraCannon and Sword
Lin FeiKatar and Cannon
ArtemisLance and Scythe
Sir RolandLance and Sword
AdaBlaster and Spear

In Brawlhalla you have an absurd number of characters. You have wolves, elves, emos, characters from Destiny, and even Rayman. For the players who jump in for the first time, this causes quite daunting things.

Actually, it’s hard to understand which characters are great, even if you’ve been playing for some time, and which one might stop you. This is why you need to consult a Brawhalla Tier List, which allows you to see if your main should be changed or not. Read more similar articles from our Brawlhalla Guides to know more useful tips.