Brawlhalla Tier List: All Legends Ranked (May 2022)

Looking for the Brawlhalla tier list, Here we have composed and ultimate list of brawlhalla rankings with all the strongest and weakest legends.

Brawlhalla is a game known for its simple style of gameplay. The free-to-play combat game was launched in 2017 and has a growing base of players with over 50 million players ever since. Contrary to other free games in the same genre, Brawlhalla is very similar to the favourite fan, the Super Smash Bros game. Brawlhalla has playable characters called “legends” and you can simply grind them or pay for upgrading them statistically or visually. However, rather than upgrading, gameplay focuses more on the players’ skills.

You can shake a stick at more characters, all in one place. Meet Brawlhalla’s whole roster of legends and find out which ones you could want to fight your next fight. Each one has a distinctive theme and feel and we have all the information. You’re looking for something new to play, perhaps at the moment, you’re a bit cash light. You need to make a bookmark for the best legends in Brawlhalla when you love brawling and winning. Not every legend is the same.

Brawlhalla is very much like other freemium and gacha games, but it is still quite remarkable. You can play Brawlhalla free of charge and either grind or pay real money to get new skins and characters, like most titles in the genre. However, its gameplay is so unique about it. During other similar games, Brawlhalla adds players’ skill and familiarity to the mix. As a match, it’s a fighting game.

Therefore, it is common for level lists to be rejected as irrelevant for the game, but the truth is not. A running meta is built around legends that have an advantage over others, no matter how skilled the player. You have come to the right place if you want to know how strong every legend is, or maybe just choose your head or change it.

The game has 51 legends that can be played today and each has its own stats and attributes. This game also has meta built around legends, as in other games. They help one to get tactical benefits over others irrespective of his ability. Consequently, these legends can be classified into different levels on the basis of their playstyles, difficulty and weapons, taking into account all these statistics and metas.

When creating this tier list, we have taken several factors into account. The legendary use and win rates were consulted and are compatible with the official statistics tracker of Brawlhalla. Instead of pros, the list is designed for classified play to meet most players who need help in their main legend (the one they use the most).

A further layer of depth for each match is added by Brawlhalla’s weapon class system. As such, the usable weapons of every legend are listed next to them. This is to help you decide, because different weapons carry different movement sets.

Tier S

Brawlhalla  stats

Level S is really the best of the best legends. This tier represents all legends that can dominate the game in every case. They are strongly known by most players as “over-powered” legends or better known by “broken” legends and there are winning figures. Most of those legends can be learned very easily and are also very rewarding. These legends will not deceive you if you plan to change your main legend or if you are an emerging beginner.

CaspianGauntlet and KatarThe Caspian is an master thief who always steals items. He can throw katars in multiple directions. Caspian can also able to throw bombs from gauntlets.
FaitScythe and OrbWhen people make questions to the stars then Fait answers their calls. The main weapons of fait are Orbs and Scythe for the battle.
JaeyunSword and GreatswordHe is a legendary mercenary that travelled across the seas to the dragon turtle companion. There is not a single job that he cannot take but for the correct price.
LucienKatar and BlasterLucien the highwayman that robs from the rich and gives to the poor. He uses Katar and Blaster as the weapon for the tournament.
MakoKatars and GreatswordShe merciless predator that born in the sea. In Valhalla, she is one of the ferocious fighters along with great dual vs dual partners to get the glory in the battle.
OnyxGauntlet and CannonOnyx has won lots of battles and its a one of the fearless fighter the weapons that she uses for the tournament are Gauntlet and Cannon.
Queen NaiSpear and KatarShe is also one of the strongest fighters, the Nai can katar to produces magical wings to attack the opponent. She can also able to create snakes from his spear.
SidraCannon and SwordSidra is a Pirate that rules on the Sea of Thera, she also won multiple battles in the sea. His weapons are Cannon and Sword just like the Pirates.
ThorHammer and OrbHe is a God of Thunder that uses magical powers along with a Hammer that can generate electrical attacks.
VolkovAxe and ScytheVolkov is also known as the “The Vampire King”. The weapons that Volkov use for the battle are Axe and Scythe
XullCannon and AxeHe is one of the strongest fighters in Brawlhalla. His attacks are more powerful compare to the legends, the weapons that Xull uses are Cannon and Axe.
ZarielGauntlet and BowZariel is on a mission from God it uses Gauntlet and Bow as the weapons for the combat. It can deal high-end damage to the opponent using his Bow.

Tier A

Brawlhalla characters

Tier A is quite strong type legends, with a winning rate above 50 percent. The tier “A” is another set of great legends which have relatively higher winnings in this Brawlhalla level list. They are really good and they have no complainable weaknesses. These legends can also be very rewarding and great companions in their ascent to the top with the right amount of practise and get used to this. However, they are short before the S-Tier legends because of their difficulty and consistency in play style.

AdaBlaster and SpearShe is a fighter from shadowy corporations and can able to use Blaster and Spear as weapons from both hands. Ada can able to shoot four blasts in a single attack towards the opponent. She can also able to jump and swings his spear around to keep away the opponents.
AsuriKatar and SwordIt’s also well known as the “The Night Stalker”. It’s an Ancient and stronger territorial guardian and he uses Katar and Sword as the weapons for the combat.
CrossBlaster and GauntletCross is a demonic mobster that owns Blaster and Gauntlet as weapons. He comes from the late 1950s he, not the deal with the demons he is the one how keeps them on the payroll. Its also known as the “The Deal Maker”.
DuskSpear and OrbDusk is one of the unlocked characters in Brawahalla. He is also well known as the “The Renegade Sorcerer”. He uses Spear and Orb as the weapon to fight his opponents.
IsaiahCannon and BlasterIt’s known as “The Specialist” it is one of the unlocked legends in the game and he uses Cannon and Blaster as the weapons.
JhalaAxe and SwordJhala is a powerful fighter but she lacks in defences she uses the Axe and Sword for combat. You can unlock her for 5400 golds. Its other name is The Unbroken she comes from the powerful barbarian tribe on planet Earth.
Lin FeiKatar and CannonShe is well known as “The Teacher” and in terms of fighting, she is faster and stronger and carries powerful moves. It uses Katar and Cannon as the weapons for the battles.
MirageScythe and SpearIt is well is known as “The Dune Weaver”, she is a martial artist and spies the Mirage carries Scythe and Spear as the weapons. To unlock her you need 3900 golds in the game.
MordexScythe and GauntletIn terms of fighting the Mordex has outstanding speed along with powerful strikes. He uses Scythe and Gauntlets as weapons. He is a stronger fighter but lacks in defences.
NixScythe and BlasterThe other name of Nix is “Freelance Reaper “. He uses magical attacks along with Scythe and Blaster in the battle.
RagnirKatar and AxeIt is a dragon who has taken the human form. It is an apex predator and he a best to deal high-end damage output to the opponents using the Katar and Axe.
SentinelHammer and KatarThe Sentinel is an American superhero, he uses Hammer and Katar as the weapons for the battles. Its also known as “The Hammer of Justice” he is best in both attacking and defences.

Tier B

Brawlhalla ranking

Tier B is average type legends, if you want you can use them. This tier represents the legendary level in the game that is “slightly above average.” They require more practise than those of the above two levels and don’t really bring convincing benefits such as the legends of S and A. However, if the right amount of effort and effort is put into mastering these legends, they can still be quite decent.

Legends MovesExplanation
AzothBow and AxeIts also known as “The One-Man Dynasty” he is one of the stronger fighters due to powerful attacks and outstanding defense but lacks in speed.
BarrazaAxe and BlasterBarraza also known as the Diesal Heart and its has an outstanding and powerful defence that can be used in the battle. He also has powerful moves that can allow him to head fight with the opponent.
DianaBow and BlasterDiana carries a bow and blaster with her as the weapon. Moreover, in terms of fighting, she has multiple moves with powerful attacks but lacks in defence.
EmberBow and KatarShe is a powerful fighter with outstanding attacks, dexterity and speed but she lacks in defence. The other name of Ember is “Fangwild’s Daughter” and she uses Bow and Katar as the weapons.
RaymanGauntlet and AxeRayman also known as the “Champion of the Glade of Dreams” uses Gauntlet and Axe as weapons. In fighting, he has outstanding speed, attacks, dexterity and defence.
Sir RolandLance and SwordHe is also known as “The Scarlet Lion” and uses Lance and Sword as the weapons for the battle. Sir Roland can release glow his sword with golden energy and can strike two times to the opponents. It has outstanding defence but lacks in speed.
TerosHammer and AxeTeros one of the heavy attackers in the game. He uses Hammer and Axe as the weapon to strike the opponents. He is best in attacking and defence both but lacks in Dexterity.
ThatchSword and BlasterIts also known as the “The Madman of Barbados”, he is a pirate that uses Sword and Blaster as weapons. It’s best in striking and defence but lacks in speed.
UlgrimAxe and LanceIts also known as the “The Unyeilding Anvil, Son of Ivaldi” he is a master of craftsmen of Asgard. In terms of fighting, he is best in attack, speed and defence but lacks in the Dexterity
VectorLance and BowVector is a super bot and cyborg he is more machine than human. He carries Lance and Bow as the weapons and in terms of fighting it has outstanding speed, defence, and attacks but lacks in Dexterity.

Tier C

Brawlhalla tier list

Tier C is weak type legends, these legends are not really recommended. This is the average tier which also contains some legends below average. You may have to spend innumerable hours mastering these legends but still don’t have many wins. This is mainly due to the fact that they are less than above-level legends. These legends just don’t really value investment so it’s better to pass them on in this current meta.

ArtemisLance and ScytheShe is a female fighter with magical powers and the weapons that she uses for the fight are Lance and Scythe. Artemis also known as the “The Answer” and has marvellous speed, attack, dexterity but lack in defences.
BrynnAxe and SpearShe is an angle-looking fighter who wields Axe and Spear. In terms of the fighting, she has outstanding speed with medium attacks. She is also known as the “Slayer of the Chosen”.
CassidyBlaster and HammerCassidy is a cowgirl who has two blasters in her holsters along with the Hammer. She is powerful in Dexterity but lacks in defence and speed. Its other name is ” The Marshal of the Old West”
Lord VraxxBlaster and LanceLord Vraxx also known as the “The Despotic”. In fighting, he has powerful Dexterity along with Speed that can use be in the battle perfectly to deal some high-end damage output to the opponent. However, he has less power in Defence.
OrionLance, Rocket and SpearOrion is a Gold Knight from the Asgard. He uses Lance, Rocket, and Spear as the weapon during the fight and its base stats are follows medium speed, dexterity and defence and he lacks in the attacks.
PetraGauntlet and Orbshe is also known as “The Darkheart”. The Petra uses Gauntlet and Orb as the weapons and she has outstanding speed along with attacking power the combination of this moveset can easily able to deal high-end damage output to the opponent.
ScarletHammer and LanceShe also one of the fearless fighters in the Brawahalla. She is a Victorian steampunk fighter who uses the Hammer and Lance as the weapons in the fight. It has excellent attacking power along with medium Dexterity and Defences.
ValGauntlet and SwordThe Val is also known as the “The Weapon”. She uses the Gauntlet and Sword as the weapon for the fight. Val can launch a variety of sword attacks along with her Gauntlet that ties the opponent with her and release the opponent from air to the ground.
Wu ShangGauntlet and SpearHe is a Traveler and the monk and for the fighting Wu Shang uses Gauntlet and Spear. The base stats of his are outstanding Dexterity along with medium attacks, speed and defence

Tier D

Brawlhalla ranks

Tier D is the worst type of legends, this type of you can try to avoid them. These few legends are probably the worst to main in the whole game with the worst gain. They are not in their best form in the current patch and you should wait for them to be used by a major buff. They’re simply not the best matches for ranking and it’s best if you leave them untouched for now, at least. Play yourself at them.

BödvarHammer and SwordHe is an Viking who wields Sword and Hammer both he has the power and dexterity both are outstanding.
GnashHammer and SpearThe Gnash is also known as the “The First Real Man” he uses the Hammer and Spear weapons combination moves in the battle.
HattoriSword and SpearShe is a Japanese warrior who carries the demon powers. Hattori uses the sword and spear as the weapon. Moreover, in the fighting, she has faster movements with power strikes.
JiroScythe and SwordJiro is a masterful shinobi he uses combination weapon moves of Scythe and Sword in the game. In terms of base stats, his Dexterity and Speed are outstanding but he lacks in the Defences.
KayaSpear and BowKaya is also known as the “The Natural”. She is a master of using Bow and Spear both weapons at the same time in the fight.
KojiBow and SwordKoji is a man with the blade of his ancestors that he uses to take down corrupted business. In fighting, he uses Bow and Swords as weapons. But he lacks in defence along with a variety of attacks.
KorGauntlet and HammerHis entire body is made of rock and his other name is “The Boulder”. He has a high defence because he is a stone golem and he uses the Gauntlet and Hammer as weapons.
YumikoBow and HammerShe is a female legend of Mischievous protector using the forest spirit. Her other name is “The Kitsune” and she uses Bow and Hammer as the weapons. Yumiko has better speed and Dertextiy but lacks in attack and defence.

In Brawlhalla you have an absurd number of characters. You have wolves, elves, emos, characters from Destiny, and even Rayman. For the players who jump in for the first time, this causes quite daunting things. Actually, it’s hard to understand what characters are great, even if you’ve been playing for some time, and which one might stop you. This is why you need to consult a Brawhalla Tier List, which allows you to see if your main should be changed or not.

This is our list for the legendary tier list of Brawlhalla. There are no truly definitive level lists, it changes so much. This is due to ebb and flow, which can affect things much because of patches, reactionary selections, and even how a certain player could perform on a given day. Nevertheless, here’s our tier list of Brawlhalla based on each character’s recent win rates.

Legend Tier Types

Identification of which legends can be a little tricky on which levels. The majority of players have their most comfortable game picks, but the legend can be a low-level legend in other levels of skill. There are certain factors to consider, and they are, to establish a proper legendary level list;

  • Level of ability (rank/elo)
  • Hardness
  • Weapons of selection and income

Brawlhalla’s level list is based on legendary strengths rather than players’ personal views. In essence, the word ‘strengths’ represents the win and selection rates, the counters and weaknesses of legends and their far more statistic analysis. The level is also based on the stats of diamonds rather than on lower ranks and professional play because the level represents a better understanding of the most skilled players and their win/selection rates. It is also shown to be as easy to a beginner with the weapons that best fit the legends.

With the help of this Brawlhalla level list, you can easily get better and better in the game with the right amount of practice and dedication. Note that you will always be the top-level agent if you are a beginner because those legends will make you enjoy the game.

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