Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List (2024)

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best Capcom action role-playing games. There are lots of weapons that characters can use in the game. However, owning the strongest weapon in the game can give you a plus point.

If you’re looking for the best Monster Hunter Rise best weapons then you’re in the right spot. Here in this article, we featured some of the best Monter Hunter Rise weapons based on their stats such as damage out.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the tier list.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List

SLong Sword, Great Sword, Light Bowgun and Dual Blades,
ASwitch Axe, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, Heavy Bowgun and Bow
BHunting Horn, Sword and Shield, Hammer, Gunlance and Lance

This tier list has all the top-notch weapons in the game. Because these weapons have the highest vertisalty and damage out.


Monster Hunter Rise Powerful Weapon
Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List

In tier S, the weapons are all user-oriented, you have to just swing the weapons and aim for the best, and the monster will be captured after some attack. With these weapons, you can conquer the monster with a lower level of armor and quickly.

Long Sword

The long sword is one of the finest weapons in the game. With the long sword, anyone can easily capture the monster in a couple of minutes. You just have to swing the sword right through the monster and boom, one of the strongest monsters is captured in the hunt.

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Light Bowgun

If you love to play the game as a defender, a light bowgun is just perfect for you. The bowgun is lighter and shows the bowgun at a longer range.

Light bowgun is easy to use, you can use the structure of the game, cover yourself from the attack of the monster, and as you find your way to attack the monster go for it. The bowgun is light but its attacks on it will surely help you to capture the monster. This can be used when you have a lower level of armor and want to protect yourself from the attack of a monster.

Great Sword

Greatsword is the best weapon for the guys who love to rush on monsters. The attack of the great sword with full energy on the monster will help to conquer it quickly. But if you miss the chance then you will have to battle it again.

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy bowgun listed in the end because it’s rigid to use. The damage is great but can work only when you aim precisely at the monster.

One degree outside to the aim and you will miss the shot to take down the monster. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use this weapon and are not aware of the structure format of the game then avoid these weapons.

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Monster Hunter Rise Weapon
Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List

Tier A and Tier S have only one thing different: to use the tier category weapons you will require some extra skills and tactics to capture the monster in one go.

Switch Axe

This is another weapon(s) if you love to play rush. As the name switch axe, while using the switch Axe you can change your weapon from sword to axe and vice versa frequently during the attack. The mixed attack of the sword and axe will conquer the monster in no time.

Charge Blade

The charge blade will help you to execute the monster with a long range of it easily. Beginners try to avoid these weapons due to their hard control.

Hunting Horn

The hunting horn is easy to use, you just have to input the same notes twice and the rest will be taken care of by the horn. This weapon is perfect for newbies, as it is easy to use and uses from the range.


Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List

Insect glaive

Instruct glaive is a long-range weapon. To use this weapon you will need more accuracy. You can cover yourself from the attack of the monster then when you find a spot hit the monster.

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There is no doubt that gulance is one of the finest weapons to capture the monster. The reason gulance is in the lower tier is that the controls of glance are not easy. You have put effort to learn the moves of the gulance and then after you can easily win a match against a monster.


The reason the hammer is in the top tier list is that the hammers are short-range weapons. To weaken the monster you have to go so close to the monster and attack the soft spot of the monster to capture them. Also, it requires lots of blows from hammer monsters which take time to capture.


Lance is easy to control and any beginner can use this weapon to capture monsters.

The reason Lance is in the low tier is because of his attack. It’s easy to use but not so effective on the monster the damage is very low with the Lance.

All weapons have their pros and cons. Also, the player’s skills also vary with the weapons. Some players can conquer any monster with random players, once they know how to use the weapons and how to plan the next move. Once you master the weapons then you can conquer monsters.

This is the end of this short guide for similar tier lists do read our Tier List Guides for more helpful content such as Jump Force, Dark Souls 3 and Hearthstone Arena and more.