Grand Summoners Tier List Best Characters

Looking for the Grand Summoners Tier List then it’s your lucky day. Here we have created a tier list of GS characters based on their damage out, survival rate and versatility this list will help you to know some of the strongest heroes for the game. With the help of this tier list, you can go one step ahead of your opponents without having a hassle.

Grand Summoners is a mobile RGP video game with dynamic graphics and the game is based on a fantastic adventure riddled with fun and dangerous battles. In the game, you can challenge the battle with up to four players in which each player has control over one character.

You can also play Grand Summoners as a single-player on your mobile device. The game is free to download for Android and iOS devices. You can easily download the game from Google Play Store for Android and iOS devices visit Apple Store.

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To take down every riddle that the game has to offer, you needed some of the best and strongest heroes and strategies in your party that can offer support, defence, and powerful attacks during the battle.

Grand Summoners Tier List

Here we are going to rank some of the best-to-worth Grand Summoners characters in the tiers. The S-Tier has all the strongest heroes, and the A and B tier has better heroes who can take the head-to-head fight with high-tier characters.

The C and D tier has struggle heroes and you needed to practice with them to master their fighting skills. In the last, the F tier has all the worthy heroes that you need to avoid in your party because their winning percentage was too low.

S Tier

Grand Summoners ranks

These characters are the strongest fighters in the Grand Summoners. All these heroes are best in attacking, support and defence. It is way too hard for lower-tier heroes to take down these heroes without having a hassle or taking high-end damage output.

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VoxWaterPrimary Attacker
CestinaEarthSub- Attacker
BerwickFireSecondary Attacker
RemWaterSecondary Attacker
Swordsman BerwickFirePrimary Attacker
SakuraEarthSecondary Attacker
Empress of the Spirit World SonijeLightSupporter
AsheDarkSecondary Attacker
YusukeWaterSub- Attacker
Spy of Darkness FenDarkSecondary Attacker
Dark CeliaDarkAttacker
NornEarthSecondary Attacker
God of Dragon Knights WeaverWaterSecondary Attacker
Spy of Darkness FenDarkSecondary Attacker

A Tier

Grand Summoners

This Tier carries all the best heroes that constitute most of the current meta in the game. These heroes are not super strong as the S-Tier but they’ll be easier to get and control. Any experienced gamer can easily able to take head to head fight high-tier using these characters.

LuahnDarkPrimary Attacker
GinzoDarkPrimary Attacker
RaphtaliaLightSecondary Attacker
Queen of Ancient Powers AristelaWaterHealer / Supporter
Empress of Spirit World SonijeLightSupporter
Azure Flash FiliaWaterDefender
RaineWaterSub- Attacker
Holy Knight Goddess FeenaLightSub-Attacker
Icicle Spear Goddess AlvinaWaterPrimary Attacker
Sakura MikuEarthSub Attacker
Samurai RimuruDarkAttacker
Hatsune MikuWaterSupport
Ruthless Demon Divine CeliaDarkPrimary Attacker
Asakura YohFireSub Attacker
ShuriDarkPrimary Attacker
Sakura MiraEarthSub-Attacker
Sakura Itto-Ryu MiraEarthSub-Attacker
RivieraEarthPrimary Attacker
Yusuke UrameshiWaterSub Attacker
Agent of Darkness KaneDarkAttacker
Radiant Sword Goddess TallisFireBreaker
Shining Divine Warrior PlatinaLightBreaker
Sealed Demon of Destruction FoslyEarthBreaker
Ancient Dragon Priestess FavelleEarthDefender
RadakFireSecondary Attacker
KisaragiFirePrimary Attacker
Dragon Lord GeraldFireDefender
Blazing Flame Empress LioneFireSecondary Attacker
Speed-o’-sound SonicDarkPrimary Attacker
KuramaEarthSub Attacker
MitsuyaWaterSub Attacker
Hero of Darkness ZeorgDarkDefender
Sealed Terrible Tyrant LygorDarkSecondary Attacker
High Eif ArcherEarthSecondary Attacker
Goblin SlayerDarkPrimary Attacker
TamaeFirePrimary Attacker
Twilight Commander ForteDarkSecondary Attacker
Naofumi IwataniLightLuck/Defender
MilimFirePrimary Attacker
SaitamaLightPrimary Attacker
Intelligent Divine Governor ParlotEarthHealer
Blazing Divine Guardian SanstoneFireDefender
Divine Fox Painter SumireFireSupporter
AmaneLightSecondary Attacker
Flame Spirit Empress LianFireSecondary Attacker
God of Dark Dragons WargulDarkBreaker
Naofumi Iwatani (AWK)LightLuck / Defender


Grand Summoners tier list

These are some of the best Grand Summoners Characters that can easily able to get you to the end content of the game.

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However, winning with these characters won’t be easily compared to the high-tiers. Because there are some points that this character may lack in the fighting. You need to master their skills perfectly to get the glory.

Inferno God IfritFirePrimary Attacker
Illusory Twin Blade MeliaWaterPrimary Attacker
BenimaruFireSecondary Attacker
LeoneLightPrimary Attacker
Shining Winged Emperor DakiLightPrimary Attacker
SakuEarthSecondary Attacker
Hades Knight Emperor RegulusDarkPrimary Attacker
Secret Counsel CathemiliaLightSupporter
Master of the Six Demons MixieLightSupporter
GarouDarkPrimary Attacker
LeoneLightPrimary Attacker
Divine Conqueror God NiesWaterSecondary Attacker
Master of Dragons LouvetEarthPrimary Attacker
Dark Winged Swordsman RakiDarkPrimary Attacker
Soul Destruction God ZenonDarkSecondary Attacker
Lord of Black Art OnfuanDarkDefender
Spear Spirit Empress DaisyWaterBreaker
Sword Ruler LudaEarthPrimary Attacker
Terrible TornadoEarthBreaker
Clyde the Crimson Sword GodFirePrimary Attacker
Hellish BlizzardWaterSecondary Attacker
Phantom Operative JillEarthBreaker
Ryuko MatoiFirePrimary Attacker
Fatal Savior MarzexLightPrimary Attacker
EstWaterPrimary Attacker
Corsair, the Frozen EmpressWaterPrimary Attacker
Emerald Blademaster VogueEarthPrimary Attacker
Blazing Axe Empress RishleyFirePrimary Attacker
King of Beasts LozzeWaterSecondary Attacker
Branches of God ValhallaEarthHealer


Grand Summoners ranking

Mainly this tier of characters can be best used for a specific time in the game. All these heroes cannot able take you to the end content of the game. But you can use them in certain fights to surprise the opponents with their skills and abilities.

FiloEarthPrimary Attacker
KaneEarthPrimary Attacker
ShikiLightSecondary Attacker
Sorceress of Space-Time AlmaEarthSupporter
Aquarias Empress YomiWaterPrimary Attacker
Beast Hunter Goddess ShadieWaterSupporter
Haden Flower Empress PolaEarthSecondary Attacker
Queen of Frozen World SeliaWaterSupporter
Ninja Machina JackLightPrimary Attacker
Magnificent Star Archer MamoriEarthSecondary Attacker
Mad Creator KayasDarkPrimary Attacker
Forbidden Knowledge KeitEarthSecondary Attacker
LieseLightHealer / Primary Attacker
Holy Slasher RhodiaLightBreaker
Dragon Guardian Empress NerimEarthHealer
Healing Sorceress ValentiaLightSupporter
Sealed Fox Princess ZeelaWaterSupporter
Eternal Rage MarzexDarkPrimary Attacker
Radiant Spear God ReyonLightBreaker
Awoken ZeorgLightPrimary Attacker
Holy Sword ZeschiaLightBreaker
Death Sickle Queen LilyDarkPrimary Attacker
Scarlet Giant ZoldesFireBreaker
Inferno Emperor RagnaFireBreaker
GenosDarkSecondary Attacker
Death Sickle Queen LilyDarkPrimary Attacker
Great Wolf Assassin SlyWaterPrimary Attacker
Inferno Guardian Goddess AnnaFirePrimary Attacker
Maiden Princess EndLightSecondary Attacker


Grand Summoners heros

These tier of characters are hard to control and you need to do lots of practice with these heroes before you pick them in your party.

These characters also have some flaws that affect your party’s performance and development if you don’t understand their abilities and skills to use for the battle.

Magical Warrior MizynaDarkPrimary Attacker
Dark Destroyer LeonDarkSupporter
Dragon Master ZoroasDarkSupporter
Mother of Dragons AlcheLightHealer
Arrow Emperor KeionesDarkPrimary Attacker
RianaWaterPrimary Attacker
Thunder God RhiothisLightSupporter
Hammer Emperor CatilouEarthSupporter
Azure Holy Beast ElfallaLightTank
Demon Assassin VoghanFireBreaker
Blazing Spirit FeldFireSupporter
Forever Guard DuranLightDefender
Deus Ex VaidEarthBreaker


grand summoner tier list

These tier characters are the worst fighter in the entire game and you should avoid these characters in your party. Because these characters’ abilities were almost useless during the battle that their winning percentage was too bad compared to higher-tier characters.

Wise Behemoth OlgethEarthPrimary Attacker
Ultimate Swordsman Guard RasaouFireBreaker
Demonic Blaze TeriodosFireSecondary Attacker
Dragon Ruler ArosdeaFirePrimary Attacker
Godwyrm DargeonFirePrimary Attacker
Knight of All Nature ElmessioWaterSecondary Attacker

Hopefully, you find this tier list helpful for similar articles check our Grand Summoners Guides for helpful content.