Is Terraria Cross Platform in 2022? Explained

Terraria is kind of an awesome action-adventure video game with lots of fun. Their multiple things you can explore in this game if you know how to do it, basically this game is all about the dig, fighting to explore, and building since its release.

If you don’t know much about it Terraria is introduced in the gaming world on 16 May 2011 for almost all gaming devices such as Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, iOS, Google Stadia, Wii U, and more platforms. If you’re digging for Terraria cross-play information then you’re in luck today.

Here we have shared all information about the Terraria Cross Platform feature that might be helpful for you.

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is terraria cross platform

Is Terraria Cross-Platform in 2022?

The anwser is No, Terraria is not cross-platform means you and your friends cannot able to play Terraria as multiplayer at the same time using different gaming devices such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

But there are some good news also iOS and Android device supports the cross-play feature for Terraria. Because both the devices are mobile phones. So if you owns iOS such as iPhone and your friend owns Android Phone then you both can play as multiplayer.

  • PC & PS4 (Not support cross-platform)
  • Mobile & PC (Yes, it’s Support Cross-platform)
  • PS4 & PS5 (Yes, it’s Support Cross-platform)

We hope you have a clear idea about which platform is available for cross-platform or not.

is terraria cross play

How to Play Terraria Cross Platform on iOS and Android?

If you owns iOS and Android device and firend also have one of same device then you’re easily able to play Terraria as cross-platform using the multiplayer option.

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