What is Tuff in Minecraft | Explained (2024)

Mojang has released a new patch update Minecraft 1.17 for the players its a Cave and Cliffs update means there are lots of new blocks and items added to the game. That player can use one of the blocks that was added in the 1.17 patch update Tuff.

If you’re wondering what tuff block is in Minecraft is and where you can find it or what are uses of the Tuff in Minecraft. Then you’re in the right spot, here we covered all information related to the Minecraft Tuff block.

Minecraft tuff block
Tuff Minecraft

What is Tuff Block in Minecraft?

In the real world, the Tuff is a giant rock that was formed during a volcanic eruption. Similar to Minecraft the Tuff block is identical to tuff rock in terms of appearance, more importantly, Minecraft Tuff block is one of the most potent blocks that players can use in Minecraft 1.17. Because the tuff block is blast resistance with a value of 6 and a hardness value of 1.5 which was similar to the stone block.

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What is the Use of Tuff Block in Minecraft?

Currently, in Minecraft 1.17, there are no many special uses for the Tuff block. But players can use this block for building houses and more. This block is strong as the stone block and has a unique appearance.

Where To Find the Tuff Block in Minecraft?

Players can find the Tuff block in the Minecraft 1.17 survival mode between Y level -63 & 16 in all Minecraft biomes and you can also find it in deepslate layers.

More importantly, the Tuff block can easily replace the following blocks (diorite, stone, andesite, granite, and deepslate) in Minecraft. You can get the Tuff block via mining with a pickaxe in all biomes.

This is sum up for Minecraft Tuff crafting guide for more helpful crafting guide read our Minecraft ship crafting or craft the cow farm in Minecraft and more.

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