COD Mobile: How to Get Marathon Medal

Are you a fan of Call of Duty Mobile? Then you must be familiar with the various medals that players can earn to unlock free items in challenges. Among these medals, the Marathon medal is one of the easiest to secure.

In this article, we will guide you on how to acquire the Marathon medal in COD Mobile. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, these tips will help you complete this objective with ease.

The Marathon medal requires players to cover a distance of 2000 meters in a single match. Unlike other medals, the Marathon medal can only be unlocked in Battle Royale mode. It is designed to test your endurance and ability to traverse the vast landscapes of COD Mobile’s Battle Royale map.

Ways To Earn Marathon Medal in COD Mobile

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To maximize your chances of acquiring the Marathon medal, follow these below tips in Call of Duty Mobile.

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Drop on the farthest point of the map: Start by selecting a drop point that is far away from the safe zone. This will give you ample space to cover the required distance.

Loot up: As you land, prioritize looting weapons and medkits to ensure your survival. While the Marathon medal doesn’t require engagement with enemies, you still need to be prepared for any encounters along the way.

Stay away from the safe zone: Avoid moving towards the safe zone immediately. Instead, keep yourself away from it, as this will result in more running, allowing you to cover the distance faster.

Sprint mode: Keep your character in constant sprint mode to ensure you are covering ground quickly. This will help you complete the Marathon medal objective within the early minutes of the match.

Be cautious of the blue zone: Remember that the blue zone becomes more dangerous as the game progresses. Plan your route accordingly and avoid getting caught in it.

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Utilize grenades: Carry smoke grenades and cluster grenades with you. These can be used to distract or deter enemies in case you encounter any trouble along the way.

Choose the right class: Consider using classes like Trickster, Poltergeist, Airborne, or Ninja. These classes provide abilities that can assist you in traversing the map effectively.


Earning the Marathon medal in COD Mobile is a straightforward task if you plan your strategy and execute it wisely.

By dropping far away from the safe zone, staying in constant sprint mode, and utilizing the right equipment, you can complete the 2000-meter distance objective in no time.

Remember to remain cautious and adapt to the evolving game dynamics to secure victory.

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