How to get on the Tower in Summit COD Mobile

Summit is a multiplayer map that first made its debut in Black Ops 1 over a decade ago. This icy map is defined by how narrow it is and there are also plenty of narrow gaps and pathways, making it an easy place to get around.

Now, you may be thinking of how to get on the Tower in Summit, you may have seen others on top of the Tower and wanted that piece of tactical high ground for yourself, but getting to that advantage position takes a little mechanical effort.

How To Get on Tower in Summit in Call of Duty Mobile

Tower in Summit in Call of Duty Mobile
Image via ArieStyle YouTube

Make sure that you’re comfortable sprinting and jumping before you make the leap of faith to get the Tower.

  • The first step is heading to the Guerilla Base.
  • The player needs to go to Control Room 2 – 2F.
  • Once they have reached the Control Room, they need to jump on one of the computers.
  • Once the gamer has made the jump, they will see the Summit Tower.
  • While on the scaffolding, the player needs to equip a knife for maximum speed and run towards the tower.
  • While running, the player needs to make a jump just from the edge of the scaffold.
  • When performed successfully, the player will land on the Summit Tower.
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Games modes that are effective when going to the tower are rank mode and attack of the undead being one of the most effective.

The reason is that when you’re the survivor, go to the tower to hide because the undead can’t do anything unless they throw the tactical insertion inside the tower.

So that they can respawn near to you or you will be hit by a tomahawk. If your operator skill is a sentry gun, you’re definitely going to get the upper hand except if your opponent is smarter than you.

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