COD Warzone 2 & MW 2 Path of the Ronin Event Guide

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 players were in for a treat on March 15 as an expansion for the Path of the Ronin event arrived, bringing new challenges and exciting rewards. This expansion, introduced with the Season 2 Reloaded update, injected fresh energy into the game, captivating players with its engaging gameplay and enticing rewards.

The Path of the Ronin

Path of the Ronin Event
Image via Activision

The Path of the Ronin event originally debuted alongside Season 2’s launch on February 15. Players were introduced to a series of challenges inspired by the Seven Virtues of Bushido, a code of conduct followed by ancient samurais. These challenges tested players’ skills and rewarded them with a unique Crossbow upon completion.

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Ronin’s Path Challenges

The refreshed Path of the Ronin challenges in Season 2 Reloaded put players’ weapon mastery to the test. Each weapon category now comes with a specific challenge that players must conquer to progress further. Let’s take a look at the updated Path of the Ronin camo challenges:

Assault Rifles: Headshot Mastery

To conquer this challenge, players must achieve 125 headshots using assault rifles. Precision and accuracy will be paramount in claiming victory.

Battle Rifles: Aiming for Glory

Players need to secure 75 headshots using battle rifles to prove their mettle on the battlefield. Every shot counts!

Submachine Guns: Unleashing Devastation

Mastery over submachine guns will be crucial as players aim for 100 headshots in this adrenaline-filled challenge.

Light Machine Guns: Dominating the Field

Showcasing the power of light machine guns requires 75 headshots. Unleash a hail of bullets to emerge victorious.

Shotguns: Close-Quarter Precision

With shotguns in hand, players must prove their skill by getting 50 headshot kills in close-quarter combat.

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Marksman Rifles: Sniper’s Precision

Precision and patience are key as players aim for 50 headshots using marksman rifles. A steady hand will prevail.

Sniper Rifles: Eagle Eye Accuracy

Test your sniping prowess by hitting 50 headshots with sniper rifles. Perfect timing and sharp aim are the paths to success.

Handguns: Swift and Deadly

In this challenge, players need to achieve 30 headshot kills using handguns, showcasing their swift and deadly accuracy.

Melee: A Silent Assassin

Stealthily eliminate enemies from behind and achieve 30 kills with melee attacks to conquer this shadowy challenge.

Launcher: Devastation from Afar

Players must rain down destruction by securing 40 kills using launchers, proving their ability to cause mayhem from a distance.

Reaping the Rewards: Camos Await

Completing the Path of the Ronin challenges in Season 2 Reloaded grants players access to exclusive camos, reflecting their dedication and skill. Let’s explore the rewards that await the triumphant warriors:

Winds of Ash: Embrace the Fury

By completing a weapon challenge, players can unlock the Winds of Ash camo. This unique cosmetic upgrade will be available for every weapon in the specific category of the completed challenge.

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Blowing Blossoms: Blooming Excellence

A true display of skill is rewarded with the Blowing Blossoms camo. Players must complete all ten weapon challenges to unlock this vibrant and prestigious cosmetic upgrade.

Golden Charm: A Symbol of Mastery

As the pinnacle of achievement, the Golden Charm awaits those who conquer all ten weapon challenges. This shining symbol of mastery will be a testament to the player’s dedication and expertise.


The Path of the Ronin expansion has breathed new life into Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. With refreshed challenges and enticing rewards, players are embarking on an exhilarating journey that tests their skills across various weapon categories. By completing these challenges, players unlock exclusive camos that showcase their dedication and mastery.

Get ready to embrace the fury, display excellence, and achieve greatness on the Path of the Ronin.