Minecraft: How to Make Concrete Power

Minecraft is still a popular game among the community because players can customize anything and everything. But in order to do so, you need a large quantity of concrete that comes in various different colours and is not a flammable material.

This allows you to build structures of any shape and color, without any restrictions. As long as you have the necessary dye, you can customize the structure to your heart’s content.

To build a durable structure, you need a concrete block which is more durable than a stone. However, concrete’s blast resistance is comparatively lower, so be sure about its placement before you start building.

How to Craft White Concrete Powder in Minecraft

Below I explained how to build concrete in Minecraft. You can easily obtain concrete upon crafting the concrete powder. To craft a concrete powder slab, you need the following items:

  • 4x Gravel slabs
  • 4x Sand slabs
  • Dye of your choice (optional)
  • Water
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Sand can be found in the desert and Gravel will be on the beaches or riverbanks.

craft White Concrete Powder Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Step 1

After you have obtained sand and gravel, you must prepare concrete powder. In order to do this, arrange the sand slabs and gravel slabs on the crafting table. The formation of the slabs doesn’t matter, and eventually, eight slabs of concrete powder will be added to your inventory. 

Step 2

Add water. You will require a water supply, such as a bucket or a river.  Arrange the eight blocks of concrete powder in any manner around the water source. When the blocks come into contact with the water, they will transform into concrete.

Step 3

Collect your blocks in your inventory. The powder will start to harden and turn into solid concrete blocks once it is immersed in water. These can be gathered and used however you like.

Bonus Tip:

To dye your concrete with the color of your choice, craft dye by combining flowers with bonemeal and use it on the concrete powder before adding water

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In Minecraft, making concrete is a simple process that enables users to add a sturdy and long-lasting substance to their creations.

You can make your own concrete blocks and give your designs a polished look with a few simple components. Concrete can give your constructions the appearance and feel of authenticity, regardless of the structure you are building. 

Crafting concrete requires a good amount of resources, so make sure you have enough to create the building you desire. Minecraft is a creator’s paradise so aesthetics aren’t limited to concrete. You can craft smooth stones as well.

Remember – concrete’s blast resistance is low, which is why managing resources is crucial for your virtual dreamland to be safe. Be smart and use different resources for different structures. The game offers you a lot of options to play around so go ahead and explore the world for useful resources like Cobblestone.

It may take a while to gather everything you need, but after witnessing the beautiful town built by your own efforts it feels worth it. Concrete blocks are one of the game’s most flexible materials which allow you to add a ton of different styles to your structure.

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