How to skip cutscenes in Genshin Impact?

To progress faster in the game and complete a quest early, players would want to skip and move forward all the cutscenes in the Geneshin Impact.

Watching through all the cutscenes and waiting to move forward can get annoying. But you don’t need to worry now, as I have the tips and tricks to skip the game’s cutscenes.

So keep reading the article below to learn how to skip cutscenes in Genshin Impact.

How To Skip Cutscenes in Genshin Impact?

skip cutscenes Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact is the newest Role-playing game developed by the company miHOYO, but it comes with a long list of cut scenes that often annoys players as it goes on and on. There would be some instances where players would want to skip the dialogues and cutscenes, which makes their game journey longer.


You must view the cutscene in order to complete a quest, regardless of whether you are using a PC, mobile device, PlayStation 4, or another device.

PlayStation 4

The players can easily skip those scenes which are not unskippable by pressing the X button on PlayStation 4. Though Most of the dialogues and cutscenes can be skipped, remember that certain scenes cannot be skipped.

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Keeping pressing the Space bar in the keyboard to skip the cutscenes in Genshin Impact on PC.

Mobile Phone

Mobile players can tap on the dialogue area displayed on their screen to go to the next dialogue to move to it.

Genshin Impact has included the cutscenes as they are an important part of the game, and watching them makes you understand the plot better.

For example, when you are selecting the character you want to play as in the game, watching cutscenes would help you in your selection, and that part is also unskippable.

As the game is new and still in its initial phase, it could be expected that the game makers may look into this and remove the extra scenes and dialogues.

 As for now, there is no specific button or option in the game to help you skip all the unwanted scenes and dialogues together, but let’s hope for the best for the next update.

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