Escape from Tarkov: Corporate Secrets Quest Guide

Every group and relevant party in Escape from Tarkov has its own agenda. The occupations and objectives that The Mechanic offers for players to complete are the same as those that Prapor offers, despite the fact that Prapor deals in post-USSR weapons and knowledge.

It is an exploratory mission that comes after the Farming Part 3 quest, and to complete it, players must travel to the game’s Lighthouse area.

After you successfully complete the work assigned to you by the mechanic, the dealer will reward you. The mechanic will ask the players to extract specific data and give it to him. Having difficulty completing the quest? We are here to guide you at every step.

How To Complete Corporate Secrets Quest?

Before the mission may be started from the Mechanic, players must be at least level 17. The player will be given two folders of technical reports on adjacent water station facilities by the mechanic, who can be found in the Chemical Plant Factory in the Customs District.

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Corporate Secrets escape from tarkov
corporate secrets tarkov

In the northern region of the Lighthouse map, the two folders are located in different buildings. Players should take measures and bring enough armor and weapons.

To fight hostile players or NPCs because both buildings and their surroundings, like many areas in Tarkov, are open and lacking cover. To make sure the journey was worthwhile, players should attempt to raid the local region while they are present.

The first building is the South Water Treatment Plant which has a connected gasoline pipe that crosses the top of the main highway and enters the building’s ceiling adjacent to a patch of trees.

The files in this facility are placed upstairs, on the left-hand side of the office. On the lower end of a shelving unit within the office, the files are tucked between some static boxes.

Travelling from building number one to building number which is the West Water Treatment Plant can be hazardous because building number two is located to the north of the water treatment area as compared to building number one’s western location.

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Players may come upon fuel while exploring this area of the Lighthouse map due to its industrial aspect.

The entrance of building number two is painted an off-white color with blue accents. Ladders to the roof and a petrol pipe flowing into the wall on the front face of the structure should both be present.

The documents are yet again located inside the office space on the second floor, close to the building’s left side. On a desk in an office near a window, a file organizer holds the needed papers. Once both documents have been acquired, all you need to do is successfully leave the region, and the quest will be finished.

Reward for Corporate Secrets Quest

  • 8,000 EXP
  • 40,000 – 46,000 Roubles (Intelligence Center 0- Level 2)
  • +.02 Mechanic Reputation
  • Bartering for the Kalashnikov AK-104 Assault Rifle (RPKT mod.1 variant) with the Mechanic is unlocked.

For new players or those who haven’t played in a while following the game’s recent wipe and stash reset, Corporate Secrets is a helpful and rewarding task. Even if it isn’t assured, having access to the AK-104 Assault Rifle together with a respectable paycheck is a useful boost to a player’s inventory and resources.

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This is the end of the corporate secrets quest guide for more related guides such as lend lease part 1 or chemical part 1 quest do refer to our Escape from Tarkov guide panel.