How to Craft Stonecutter in Minecraft

Wondering how to craft Stronecutter in Minecraft don’t worry here we featured a complete guide that helps you to know the entire process and items you need to build a Stonecutter in the game along what are the uses of it along with other useful information.

In Minecraft, there are lots of items that players can craft and use to progress into the game such as Ship, Fram and more. Similarly the Stonecutter is one of the items that has lots of uses and here you can craft it in Minecraft without having much hassle.

minecraft stonecutter
how to make stonecutter in minecraft

How to craft Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stonecutter is one of the alternatives for crafting table that is usually found in Mason’s house. This item was used in stone mason’s jobs in the villages. Unfortunately other than Mason houses, there is no other place in Minecraft where Stonecutter spawn. However, you can craft it by collecting a few items below we mentioned all the items required to craft the Stonecutter.

  • Iron
  • 3X Stone
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You can get Iron ore in the various caves in Minecraft you need to use the Stone Pickaxe to mine and get Iron ore.

how to get iron in minecraft

Once you have the Iron ore access or craft the furnace to smelt the ore into the iron using a flammable item such as fuel. Here is our guide on how to make a furnace in Minecraft.

The second item on the list for crafting Stonecutter is Stone that you can find in all biomes in Minecraft. Go to the nearby biome in Minecraft and use the Pickaxe to mine and you will get cobblestones instead of stone.

how to get stone block in minecraft

You need to smelt the 3x cobblestones in the furnace to get Stone as shown in the above image.

Crafting Stonecutter in Minecraft

Once you have both the required items you are ready to go. Open the crafting table in a 3×3 grid and place the Iron and Stone together make sure to place the Iron ingot in the top center of the row and then place the 3 Stones blocks in the middle row.

how to craft stonecutter in Minecraft

If you place all items correctly you will get the Stonecutter as a result that you can move into your inventory.

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Uses of Stonecutter in Minecraft

Access the Stonecutter from in the inventory and right-click on it. After that place the stone block or other similar block in the left side single block.

use of stonecutter in Minecraft

After you need to choose the different variants of the stone blocks that stonecutter delivers. The stonecutter will craft that variant for you in the right-side single block you can simply move that stone block in your inventory and use it as you prefer in Minecraft.

what is uses of stonecutter in Minecraft

This is the end of the stonecutter crafting guide for more similar content such as how to make Fletcher and more do check our Minecraft Guide.

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