How To Make a Fletcher Villager in Minecraft

This is a step-by-step guide based on how to make a fletcher villager in Minecraft with complete information.

Fletchers are among the easiest and best villagers to trade for emeralds and ranged weapons, so players should seek them out and upgrade them by buying and selling them a lot to become Master Fletchers and trade better.

We’ll take you with us in the process of making a villager- a fletcher by using the right ingredients & how you can use them for your benefit.

What is a Fletcher Villager?

Villager Fletcher is, without a doubt, the easiest and fastest way to make money in Minecraft. This means that players will have to craft it to get the Fletcher.

If you want to assign a particular profession to an unemployed citizen, you can easily create and place the desired service block next to him.

Any villager (except an idiot) who has no profession can be turned into a merchant by placing a specific block (called a building block) in front of them. You can corner a villager in a house or other cramped area to turn other unemployed villagers into shooters.

The best way to turn an unemployed villager into a Fletcher is to corner one of them in their house or do it in another cramped place.

fletcher villager
fletcher villager

How to make a villager- fletcher Villager?

If you want to trade with Fletcher but he is not in the nearest village, you can use the Fletcher Table to recruit him. The fletching table is a shooting yard block that can spawn naturally in villages; in short, if I say, the fletching table is used to turn any villager into a Fletcher.

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The Floating Table is a decorative block that serves as a yard block for the villagers of Fletcher. Although it may get the functionality in the next update, it is not currently usable.

Players who want more Fletchers to trade in their famous village can create a Fletcher table with some essential components and place them near unemployed villagers hoping that they will interact with it and become Fletchers.

Players have to trade with their famous village, they can create tables on wheels with some simple components that need more Fletcher with simple steps, and they have to place them next to unemployed villagers who hope they interact with them and thus become a fletcher.

Once you deal with a villager who becomes a merchant, the merchant cannot become a villager again, even if his lock on the workbench is broken. Villagers turn into merchants depending on the blocks you clear.

You need to place a new block and get a new villager with the same job to get a new trade. It would help if you found an inactive villager and then placed a Fletching table next to him, which will turn him into a Fletcher, and that way, you can trade with him.

You then need to wake up the villager and then wait until there is frequent contact with the adjustable Table to turn the villagers into shooters.

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After the place, you need to surround the villager, and then the flexible Table must be combined with blocks so that the villagers cannot get away from the flexible Table. So, an unemployed villager who finds the Fletching Block will turn into Fletcher.

When an unemployed villager does this, the villager and Fletching’s desk release green particles, and the villager transforms into Fletcher in brown leather clothes and a simple hat.

How to use the Fletcher & the Fletching Table?

Fletcher is one of the best villagers in both the early and late games. Fletcher is one of the unique inhabitants of Minecraft, who can trade with players for arrows and feathers. The village gunsmith is also an excellent occupation for the villagers and can significantly benefit the players. The Table can also be used as a decoration.

The Fletcher Table can turn an unemployed villager into a Fletcher, or it can be used as fuel and placed under a notepad.

Given its name and other clues, such as finding them spawning spontaneously in village houses near Fletcher, most players can usually figure out how to use Fletching’s Table and what it does very quickly.

How To Make a Fletcher Villager
fletcher villager

How to Trade as a Fletcher?

As we said before, Fletchers are some of the best villagers and are the easiest to trade for emeralds; in addition to ranged weapons, players have to hunt for them and then upgrade them by buying or even selling them in bulk.

This way, you can become a master shooter and make better deals. Pilots swap wands for emeralds and swap enchanted arrows along the way.

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If you didn’t get the right professions from the villager, you can remove the job lock and move it to reload their professions. For a villager to stock up on their crafts, you have to give them early access to the quest block.

If you make sure that another job block is free and within about 48 blocks of the villager, they will eventually look for a new job, stumble upon the block, and automatically change the villager’s job in Minecraft. You can use this technique to reassign villagers to another job.

If you place a Barile block and connect a villager to it, it will become a fisherman you can trade with. Fletcher Trades: 


  • Stick > Emerald
  • Emerald > Arrow
  • Emerald & Grave > Flint


  • Flint > Emerald
  • Emerald > Bow J

Oyrney Man:

  • String > Emerald
  • Emerald > Crossbow


  • Feather > Emerald
  • Emerald > Enchanted Bow


  • Tripwire Hook > Emerald
  • Emerald > Enchanted Crossbow
  • Emerald & Arrow > Tipped Arrow

This is the end of this short guide.

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