What is Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley

The Secret Notes are part of the A Winter Mystery quest in Stardew Valley. So if you complete the quest in which you need to follow the NPC called Shadow Guy you can find him in the  North of Pelican Town by following its footprints.

Once you find him you will discover the Shadow Guy is Krobus and he will give you the Magnifying Glass that you can use to read the notes. There are a total of 25 notes in the game and each note contains a certain puzzle that you need to solve in order to get rare items to know funny characters and more.

If you recently got Secret Note 19 and searching for prefer a guide to solving it then here we cover all the information you need to know in order to solve the Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley.

secret note 19 stardew valley
secret note 19 stardew valley

How To Solve Secret Note 19 Puzzle in Stardew Valley?

Once you open up the Secret Note 19 from your inventory you will see the note has a certain arrow direction along with blue color house  1 Willow Lane, where Sam, Kent, Jodi, and Vincent reside.

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You need to follow the given directions from the green square for example if the puzzle shows you need to go left then you need to leave until you reach the three. After that solution of the puzzle is given at backside of the Mayor Lewis’ house.

Location of Solid Gold Lewis statue
secret note 19 stardew valley

Reach backside of the Mayor Lewis’ house and Right Click you will find the Solid Gold Lewis statue at that location as shown in the above image.

Pick up the statue and place it in your preferred location in Pelican Town (make sure people do not walk through it or else the statue will be destroyed).

Stardew Valley Solid Gold Lewis statue
secret note 19 stardew valley

Once you successfully do that the next morning you will get a note that asks you should keep the Solid Gold Lewis statue a secret.

After receiving the note the Statue will reappear in the Lewis’ house or Marnie’s house you repeat the process again if you want but the note and reward are given for the first time only.

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This is the end of the Secret Note 19 guide for more helpful content such as how to catch Bream and more do check our Stardew Valley Guide.

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