Convert CSGO to Valorant Sens Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valornat both are first-person perspective shooting games. Both games have similar controls and many players play both games regularly. So if you’re looking for a guide on converting CSGO sensitivity to Valorant.

Well, it’s your lucky day, here we have shared all the information you need to convert the CSGO sens. to Valorant.

How to Convert CSGO Sensitivity To Valorant

Mostly in the gaming community, you’ve heard that the player can easily convert its CSGO Sensitivity to Valorant by simply dividing by 3.18 numbers. But that is not true. Because this only works if you relearn the Muscle Memory for Valorant.

This is because if you divide the CSGO Sens by 3.1818 you will get a 5.78% error and this error will work for your weapon aim and not for letting your perfect aim within the game.

This is because both CSGO and Valorant have different Fields of view (FOVs), the Valorant has a wider field of view compared to CSGO

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Well, the best solution to convert CSGO Sens to Valraont is you need to divide the CSGO Sens by 3.370 this perfect number to convert your CSGO Sens to Valraont. You can also cross-check it by simply multiplying the 3..370 by your Valorant Sens and then you get your CSGO Sens.

This is not the percent because there is also a 1% error in this but it’s way to better compared to 3.18 conversation.

cs go to valorant sensitivity
csgo to valorant sens

Adjust the Sensitivity in the Valorant

  • Start the range mode and aim at the bot, do not shoot just aim at it.
  • Navigate the cross-hair on the bot head then move it to the left and right side
  • Now change the number till you can focus on the aim while making the move on the head of the bot.
  • If the cross hair is moving too fast from the head while moving forward then reduce the number if the cross is taking time then have to increase the number till the cross-hair becomes steady on the head.
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This is the end of this short guide for more similar content do read our Valorant Guides for more helpful information such as Valorant’s new agent Fade abilities or the Split map is removed from Valorant and more.