Convert CSGO to Valorant Sens (September 2022)

This is an Ultimate guide based on how to convert CSGO to Valorant Sens without having a hassle.

Counter Strike: global offensive and valornat both are first-person perspective shooting games. Both games have similar controls and many gamers are playing both games regularly. The games share the same controls but have different sensitivity than each other. So community finding directly while changing the game from the counter strike to valorant and vice versa.

Why is this happening? The reason have both games have the same controls and can adjust the controls according to you but the difference is in the sensitivity.

Every gamer has a different sensitivity as per their skills and their controls. So while switching the game what happened is the users are not able to adapt to the sensitivity change in games so while aiming, not able to control the crosshair for the perfect aim or finding difficult to aim.

So to use partially both controls the gamers from the csgo and valorant have to adjust the sensitivity control in either of the game and have to maintain the same sensitivity in both games to grab the bullseye every time.

Some gamers might not find the difficulty in the sensitivity while playing but they can also use this to improve the game. Not just limited to the aim the users are not able to move easily in-game with sensitivity controls, either it moves too much or lags than what you expected. Here are some of the tips to match the sensitivity in both games.

How To Adjust the Sensitivity in Valorant as Counter Strike?

First of all, you need to find out which sensitivity and controls suit you best then make any changes after that. After finding out which sensitivity suits better you have to do is, if you want to adjust the same sensitivity as the csgo to valorant then have to find your cs: go sensitivity and divide it with the 3.18. If you want to adjust the sensitivity in the cs go as the valorant then have to do is to multiply the valorant sensitivity with the cs:go.

cs go to valorant sensitivity
csgo to valorant sens

Just adjust the number in the game in which you want to make changes then save it. As an example, if your sensitivity in the cs:go is 5 and have to adjust the same sensitivity in the valorant then have to divide it by 3.18. 5/3.18.

If the valorant sensitivity is 3 then have to multiply the 3 with 3.18, 3*3.18 and make changes according to that. It is not compulsory to make the same changes as we mentioned you can do experiments with both games and can play as you are comfortable playing.

Also, the valorant is not as fast as the cs:go so while playing change after playing one battle and required changes then change the sensitivity according to that. Want to find the perfect sensitivity in the valorant, keep reading will make you a pro in the valorant.

Adjust the sensitivity in the valorant:

  • Start the range mode and aim on the bot, do not shoot just aim on it.
  • Navigate the cross hair on the bot head then move it to the left and right side
  • Now change the number till you can focus on the aim while making the movement on the head of the bot.
  • If the cross hair is moving too fast from the head while moving forward then reduce the number if the cross is taking a time then have to increase the number till the cross hair becomes steady on head.

While fixing the sensitivity in valorant there are two options one is a keyboard mouse and the other is the aim:

To change the sensitivity, you have to fix both the settings in your respective device for a better experience, if one is not set then you will have some issues. To do this you have to navigate the cursor to the cog on the left side of the screen, select the game setting, click on the mouse/keyboard option, and further select the mouse sensitivity.

cs sens to valorant
csgo to valorant sens

Now in the option, you will find the numbers of the mouse sensitivity. Divide the number with 3.18 with the cs:go number to set as per cs:go sensitivity. The other thing is to play at the default setting then improve the game settings as per you.

Aim Setting:

To maintain the aim sensitivity in the valorant same as the cs:go have to do the same thing. First, note down the cs:go aim number then divide it by 3.18 set the number you got in the valorant. Now if the setting is still not suitable you try to increase or decrease as per your convenience and you are ready to go after that.

The 3.18 is the universal ratio for the cs:go to valorant. But it is not mandatory for all to use. Some of us can play with the default setting of the game and don’t require any additional details. So first play the game with the basic setting then after a match improves the setting as per you. Now you can make the setting as per your device setting, in practice try to improve the setting then go for the battles.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the CSGO to Valorant Sens with complete information.

how to convert csgo sensitivity to valorant

If your sensitivity in the cs:go is 5 and have to adjust the same sensitivity in the valorant then have to divide it by 3.18. for example – 5/3.18 = your Valorant Sensitvity

how to convert valorant sens to csgo

In order to cover the Valorant Sens to CSGO. Firstly you need to visit your CSGO settings keyboard and mouse and simply note the number in mouse sensitivity box. In last you need to divide that number with 3.18181818. For example if you CSGO Sensitivity is 1.2 then simply divide with 3.18181818 here its look like 1.2 / 3.18181818 =0.377

how to calculate valorant sensitivity

In order to calculate Valorant Sensitivity you need to go to the CSGO settings page and check the keyboard and mouse and get the number into the mouse sensitivity box. Now you need to divide then number with 3.18181818 for example (1.2 / 3.18181818 ) the number that you’ll obtain after the division is your Valorant Sensitivity.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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