Curated Gun in Destiny 2: What is it and How to Get It?

In Destiny 2, Curated Weapons have locked weapon rolls that can only be obtained by accomplishing a game objective, like eliminating a raid boss chosen weaponry.

Bungie, the game’s creator, has crafted various high-quality weapons, some of which are the greatest options. In contrast, others emphasize a certain playstyle that only a few players may find appealing.

This article has all the information you need if you are new to Destiny 2 and want to learn more about the Taraxippos Scout Rifle. Players can obtain this weapon by successfully completing specific tasks throughout the event’s duration with a unique class item.

What is Curated Gun in Destiny 2?

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In Destiny 2, a curated gun is a weapon with a predetermined set of benefits that cannot be altered or modified.

They are typically obtained by finishing a certain in-game objective, such as eliminating a raid boss or beating a particular challenge.

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Since Bungie created them to be as effective as possible, curated guns are frequently regarded as some of the best weapons in the game.

How To Get Curated Gun in Destiny 2?

In many raid encounters in Destiny 2, curated weapons can be found. For instance, the last monster, Riven, of the Last Wish raid has a curated version of the Midnight Coup hand cannon that can be dropped. There are other ways listed below as well:

Complete Exotic Quests

A curated version of the weapon is given to players who complete some exotic objectives in Destiny 2. For instance, getting the Malfeasance hand cannon entails completing a sequence of tasks, and the reward for doing so is a curated version of the weapon.

Complete Seasonal Activities

In Destiny 2, certain seasonal activities have a chance to drop curated weapons. For instance, the Wrathborn Hunts, a seasonal activity in the Season of the Lost, had a chance to drop a specially selected Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle.

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A curated gun that you purchase will already be fully masterworked. As a result, it will deal more damage and have a better chance of dazing opponents. This is all for how to get the Curated Gun in Destiny 2 guide for more relevant guides do check our Destiny 2 guides section.

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