Destiny 2: Riis Reborn Key Codes Guide

Destiny 2 is one of the popular first-person shooting multiplayer games and is similar to other shooting games such as Fortnite. Destiny 2 also has some secrets that players need to solve in order to progress into the game.

One of the mysteries in Destiny 2 is Riis Reborn Key Codes if you searching for a guide to know all about the Riis Reborn Key Codes then you’re on the correct platform.

Here we featured information that explains what are Riis Reborn key codes and what you need to do with them in Destiny 2. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

riis reborn key codes

What are Riis Reborn Key Codes in Destiny 2?

On the planet of Europa in Destiny 2 there is a special event that you need to complete by collecting the Riis-Reborn Key Codes this is similar to the other collectibles that collect previously in the game.

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Technorunner Desitny 2
riis reborn key codes

More importantly, you will get these codes from any Yellow bar enemy. For this, you need to kill a certain yellow-bar fallen enemy named Technorunner and you will find this enemy in during the storm in the Eventine Ruins area. The Technorunner is hiding in the building so you need to keep your guard up while looking for him.

Once you kill Technorunner he will drop the Riis Reborn Key Codes that you need to pick up these codes. Now you’re wondering what to do with these codes.

Where To Use Riis Reborn Key Codes

After collecting the codes you need to visit the Riis-Reborn Approach and follow the path until now you reach a drop-downing pipe located near the Salvation’s Grip.

Drink Inert Radiolarian Fluid
riis reborn key codes

In Riis Reborn Approach you need to find the console called (Drink Inert Radiolarian Fluid). You need to interact with the console after killing all the enemies.

Cadmas Ridge Signal
riis reborn key codes

After interacting with the console you will get a Cadmus Ridge Signal that lasts for 30 minutes. Within that time you need to reach to Cadmus Ridge.

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Cadmus Ridge
riis reborn key codes

After that go back to Cadmus Ridge and search for the glowing white Vex conflux structure that you will find by moving on the straight path once you reach Cadmus Ridge.

Vex conflux destiny 2
riis reborn key codes

After you find the conflux interact with it and you will redirect to the emote puzzle that you need to solve to get the treasure chest.

Solving Emote Puzzle

You will be redirected to a certain area with lots of platforms with white circles. You need to stand on the white circle and perform a certain emote after that shoot the cubes.

while circle destiny 2
riis reborn key codes

More importantly, there are a total of 4 white circles and you need to follow the little white pyramids to reach to next white circle.

Once you perform differently emotes on all four white circles and destroy all the cubes.

riis reborn key codes rewards
riis reborn key codes

The treasure chest will pop-up may be you can get a Crystocrene bond, mark or cloak, it totally depends on your level or else you can get a weapon or legendary items.

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This is the end of the Riis Reborn Key Codes guide for more helpful content do read our Destiny 2 Guides to find out more user guides.

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