Pokemon Go: Mega Tyranitar Raid Guide

The Mega form of Tyranitar has finally appeared in Pokemon Go. Based on the Armor Pokemon that wreaked havoc in the anime Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, fighting Pikachu, Noivern and Volcanion simultaneously, Pokemon Go’s Mega Tyranitar is true to its nature and form. It has an impressive bulk and a CP cap that proves to be highly advantageous for Master League trainers.

Mega Tyranitar will be available as a Raid Boss from July 25 to August 4. At this time, Regidrago will also replace Regieleki in the Tier-5 Raids. Obtaining a Tyranitar is rare in Pokemon Go since its previous forms, Larvitar and Pupitar, are difficult to obtain in the wild or raids. Thus, the best bet is to beat the Mega Raid to capture the beast.

Pokemon Go Mega Tyranitar stats and shiny form

Mega Tyranitar
Pokemon Go Mega Tyranitar

Don’t try to solo Mega Tyranitar no matter how good your Pokemon is. While Tyranitar can be countered by Fighting or Water types, its Mega form is bulkier and a strong attacker than usual. A team of 3-5 trainers with over 2500 CP Pokemon that give a 2X type advantage is recommended.

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After defeating the Mega Tyranitar Raid Boss, players will encounter a Tyranitar in the following CP ranges apart from getting 235 Mega Energy:-

  • No weather boost: 2103 – 2191 CP
  • Boosted by Foggy or Partly Cloudy weather: 2629 – 2739 CP

Shiny Tyranitar is available in the Tier-5 Raids. It has a slightly lighter green color, almost a faded brown appearance, with a purple armor patch on his navel instead of the usual blue.

Tyranitar Raid Boss weaknesses and counters

300 Mega Energy is needed to unlock Tyranitar’s Mega Form. After the initial evolution, players will then require 40 Mega Energy to evolve the same Tyranitar again or they can wait for the cooldown to evolve it for free.

Tyranitar in Pokemon Go has multiple weaknesses: Fighting, Bug, Fairy, Ground, Steel Water, and Grass type-attacks. This is one of the reasons why its use has somewhat diminished in the big leagues. Nonetheless, the best way to counter the Pokemon or the Mega Raid Boss is with the following:-

  • Mega Sceptile: Fury Cutter (Bug) with Frenzy Plant (Grass)
  • Mega Alakazam: Counter (Fighting) with Close Combat (Fighting)
  • Mega Swampert: Water Gun (Water) with Hydro Cannon (Water)
  • Mega Gardevoir: Charm (Fairy) with Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  • Primal Groudon: Mud Shot (Ground) with Precipice Blades (Ground)
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Note that the normal version of the aforementioned Pokemon can also withstand Mega Tyranitar’s attacks although it is best to take their evolved forms into battle.

Why choose Tyranitar in Pokemon Go?

One of the Pokemon with the highest CP in the AR-based game, Tyrnaitar has a max CP of 6045 at Level 50. It has an impressive Attack stat of 309 and a Defense of 276. Speaking of its moveset, it is best to use it as a Dark-type attacker to apply Shield Pressure on the opponents and counter their Pyschic Pokemon.

Bite with Brutal Swing is considered the best combo for Tyranitar. However, SmackDown and Stone Edge can fulfill a classic Rock-type role for trainers.

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