Dawnlands First Impressions: A copy of Zelda?

Dawnlands, a new Open World Survival Crafting game, was released for pre-registrants on August 9 at 10 AM LT. Developed by the makers of Ballads of Hongye, Seasun Games’ dive into the world of open-world RPG has generated mostly positive responses. It is available on Android, IOS and will soon be released on Steam for PC.

There are comparisons of Dawnlands with other games like Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While it does share some noticeable “copies” in gameplay and mechanics, there are some unique features in it too. We will check the pros and cons of the newly-released game.

Dawnlands: A game ‘heavily’ inspired by BOTW

Players who are familiar with Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be familiar with its aesthetics. Dawnlands has mimicked it from almost A to Z. Similar to BOTW, the main character wakes up in a dungeon and gets a few chests on his way before emerging out of the cave into the open world. A guide owl named ‘Hedi’ familiarises us with the environment and story similar to the Shiekah Slate in Zelda.

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Dawnlands allows players to craft armor/weapons on workbenches, roast food near bonfires, and use a variety of tools to hunt wild animals or gather raw materials. This doesn’t set it apart from Runescape or Genshin Impact. Horse riding, cooking, taming, and unlocking these abilities through pages/scrolls are similar mechanics that can be found in Breath of the Wild.

So, why do gamers are looking forward to Dawnlands? Here are a few reasons.

Smooth gameplay and graphic optimization

Dawnlands takes up to 1.6 GB after installation. This is by far the open-world game that takes the lowest storage compared to Genshin Mobile, Adventure Quest 3D, Runescape Mobile, etc. Players don’t need high-powered phones to run the game. Moreover, the graphics are outstanding for a game with such low storage.

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The only downside to playing Dawnlands is its battery usage. 30-40 minutes of gameplay even in a OnePlus 6 with Adreno 630 GPU and OctaCore CPU, with Gaming Mode turned on, will result in 15% battery drainage. This is why most fans are opting to play on Steam rather than IOS or Android.

Interesting features

Dawnlands Tips

Character customisation is probably the best part about Dawnlands. There are all sorts of sliders, and menus, with options of “elongated jaws” and “elongated chins” to let players get that ‘uniquely weird’ look. They can also take the appearance of a clown but there is no option to say ‘Hiya Georgie!’

Dawnlands has three modes: Single player adventure, Multiplayer, and Sandbox. Single player mode is about the main story and occurs in a world named by the player. In Multiplayer, the host creates a world and shares a code to let his friends come along and fight with him in the world. The progress doesn’t get deleted. Sandbox mode is for players who want their imagination to run wild.

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Skill system and hut building

A house of wood or a castle made of stones, Dawnlands allows players to create either and there is no completed process in it. They can choose the simple building or the complex building option. Simple allows the AI to fix the structure as accurately as possible with the other structures. The complex option gives players full autonomy.

The skill system is another good feature of Dawnlands. It doesn’t just apply to weapons and crafting but also ‘jumping’, ‘hunting’, and ‘crouching.’ The more you do a certain action, the better the ability gets. Mounting is also a skill that when perfected, allows players to mount and tame the best horses without any issue.

Dawnlands is a game worth trying. Check out some of the features on the official site.