5 Ways To Defeat Campers in Call of Duty Mobile?

Building fights in Call of Duty Mobile is common. Both parties get ample options for cover or retreat. However, the tide changes when an opponent launches a surprise attack after hiding in a certain position for minutes. You must be cautious, attentive, and skillful to obtain an advantage in such close-quarters fighting.

Camping in any battle-royale game means holding one position inside a building until ambushing the enemy at the perfect chance. Campers tend to keep a low profile: making as less noise as possible or not moving at all, and hiding in an unusual position that gives them an aim advantage along with the shock tactics factor.

Even the best player, streamers, and celebrities in COD Mobile have fallen prey to a camper. They had the best equipment and armor but none of it prepared them for the ‘jumpscares’ inside buildings, leading to a quick game over.

Spotting Campers in Call of Duty Mobile

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You may have heard the phrase “Keep your eyes peeled and your ears sharp” in action movies. This is also applicable in COD Mobile. The best way to counter campers is to be on the lookout for certain signs and/or closely hear their movement.

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Search for vehicles nearby

Oftentimes, campers use vehicles to commute to the center of the Safe Zone and be vigilant in a particular building until the last few players are left. Despite their best efforts to conceal themselves, they leave the car or motorbike near the building. It is one of the signs to recognise an opponent’s camping spot.

Use high-powered earphones

Auditory aspects are key to winning a game apart from shooting skills. Hearing footsteps allows players to determine an enemy’s location. As such, campers tend stealthily move around the building to gain a good vantage point. Using high-powered earphones allows players to catch them in the act and eliminate the threat.

Use Grenades to flush out a camper in COD Mobile

If unsure about a particular place being the residence of a camper or not, throw a few Frag Grenades, Stun Grenades, or Smoke Grenades. Any movement inside the building will be caught by your headphones. Strategize the next move accordingly: either surround the building with your teammates and wait for the camper to make a mistake, rush in from different directions, or bombard each nook of the house.

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Peek to draw fire

For those feeling a lot more courageous, use the Peek option to draw fire toward yourself and let the camper expose his position. This is best done when the latter believes the player to be solo although his teammate is nearby. If knocked out, take cover and wait for the camper to rush in for the kill. It is then that the teammate surprises the opponent with a deadly spray.

In the case of the camper refusing to leave his abode, get a quick revive and use the grenade bombardment method to neutralize the enemy. You could also use Smoke or Stun Grenades to provide cover while the others rush in.

Wait for the Safe Zone to close in

Players will often get into situations in which an enemy is inside their building and mans the staircase. It becomes frustrating to take them down. Meeting the enemy headlong will allow him to greet you with a spray of bullets. Grenades won’t work since he always has the option to retreat or rush at you.

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At such a moment, it is best to wait for the Blue Zone to start chipping away at each player’s health. The healing battle will also be a mental battle. Opponents tend to panic and rush at you or determine a route to escape, giving the player an advantage.