What are Class Chips in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale?

One of the distinguishing elements of Call of Duty Mobile from other Battle Royale games is its class system.

Players get unique passives based on the profession and class they choose. While some abilities can let the player make decoys or be invisible, others can disrupt the enemy’s radar, movement, and even their special abilities.

COD: Mobile players can activate a special ability that will recharge each time by hitting the Class Chip button on the right-hand side of their screen.

These abilities can be upgraded by obtaining the Upgrade Class Chip from the Chip Terminal. Thanks to the Colonel, players will get to know when the “chips terminals are activated.”

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Here is everything to know about the Class Chips in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale.

Class Chips Call of Duty mobile
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What are Class Chips?

Class Chips indicate the special ability chosen by a player. It is a blue colored icon that is present on the right-hand side of the screen. Upon activation, players can use their passive abilities and the cooldown could be seen in the form of a circle around the icon.

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How to upgrade Class Chips in Call of Duty Battle Royale?

This is a simple task. Around 5 minutes into the Battle Royale match, players will get notified that “Chip Terminals are almost ready” by the Colonel. The next notification will be “Chip Machines Activated.”

During this time, head to the nearest purple square on the map. These signify the Chip Terminals that the Colonel spoke about. Approach the Chip Station and press ‘Interact.’ Wait for 10 seconds to let it open and then collect the upgrade.

What happens when a Class Chip is upgraded?

Once the Class Chip in Call of Duty Battle Royale is upgraded, the blue-colored icon class icon will flash purple. The advantage of upgrading Class Chips is that your abilities will have a lower cooldown and will be more effective in battle.

For example, a player using an upgraded ‘Clown’ ability will summon K9 units (aggressive hounds) that will do more damage to the enemy compared to regular Class Chips.

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There are some bonus abilities with the upgrade as well. For example, a player using the Ninja class will gain the ‘silent footsteps’ ability. This will allow him to keep a low profile near enemies, who won’t be able to hear his footsteps with their headsets.

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