Diablo 4: How to Get The Dire Wolf’s Aspect

Legendary Aspects give class-defining effects for all classes in Diablo 4. The Druid, in particular, has a large variety of builds available, each having its unique Legendary Aspect requirements to be completely useful.

The Dire Wolf’s Aspect is an offensive Aspect that changes the Grizzly Rage Ultimate talent of the Druid. We’ll look at the specific effects of the Dire Wolf’s Aspect, where it drops, and some farming strategies below.

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How to Get the Dire Wolf’s Aspect in Diablo 4

Unfortunately, the Dire Wolf’s Aspect cannot be awakened. It, like many other Aspects in the game, can only be gained from random loot drops while playing as the class expressly associated with it (Druid in this case).

Because this is an Offensive Aspect, it can drop on weapons, gloves, and accessories. Players may farm for this by unlocking Tortured Gift Chests during Helltides or spending Murmuring Obols on Purveyors of Curiosities within cities.

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After obtaining the Dire Wolf’s Aspect, players can remove it from the item they obtained by contacting an Occultist. This permits the Aspect to be imprinted on other things, providing for greater buildcrafting options.

What Does the Dire Wolf’s Aspect Do?

When utilizing the Grizzly Rage Ultimate ability, this Legendary Aspect transforms players into Dire Werewolves rather than Dire Werebears. Players have greater movement speed and Spirit cost reduction while converted into a Dire Werewolf, and all kills heal them for a portion of their health.

Grizzly Rage, when combined with Dire Wolf’s Aspect, works best with one of the several Druid Werewolf build variations. Dire Wolf’s Aspect may lower Shred’s Spirit cost to zero when slotted into a 2H weapon—combine this with Rabies or Poison Creeper with the Aspect of the Blurred Beast and players will obtain a rabid Werewolf build that can basically travel from pack to pack without paying any Spirit.

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Players who desire to combine Shapeshifting and Nature Aspects can develop a Lightning Werewolf build with excellent single-target and AOE damage by combining Dire Wolf and Stormclaw Aspects. Remember that Grizzly Rage stops players from performing non-Shapeshifting abilities.

That’s how to get Dire Wolf’s Aspect in Diablo 4 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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