Grounded: Interactive Map All Locations, Resources & Story Quests

Grounded is an action survival game, where your character will shrink down to the size of an ant. Now, in that size, you have to survive, battle, and conquer missions in backyards.

The game is pretty simple, you have to survive in your background where you have to survive through starvation, bugs, and enemies. Further, as your character level increases simultaneously difficulty level will increase. 

Now, you are the size of an ant and you don’t know how to survive. In the Gounded Interactive Map guide, you will be introduced to all locations, resources, and story quests. 

Grounded Map All Location

The locations are pretty simple in Grounded Map, you have to follow this link here.

Now, from the link, a map interface will appear on your screen, tap on the map. The map is pretty confusing at first. But, there is an option for filtering. Where you can search for the required resources, places, collectibles, creatures, and other things. So, now your Grounded Map Yard is sorted out. You can find everything in Grounded with a simple click. 

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Just Visit the map filter out the required things and reach there. Further, on the map, the items are marked as the icon. So you have to remember the icon kind of. However, you can search from the search bar.

Colored Circle indicators Grounded Map

  • Purple – Wolf Spider
  • Yellow – Orb Weaver Spider
  • Green – Stink Bugs
  • Orange – Bombardier Beetle
  • White – Lacewing Larve
  • Red – Mites
  • Brown – Grubs
  • Pink – Lady Bugs
  • Blue – Infected Areas
  • Light Blue – Starting Location

Icon Indicators in Grounded Map

  • Bee Armor Set & Larva Blade Location
  • Thistle Plant and Mushroom Location
  • 3 marker locations are as shown as dark green wings

Grounded Map: Unlisted Creatures

  • Weevils
  • Aphids
  • Spiderling
  • Worker Ant

Furthermore, in the Grounded Map search bar window, when you tap on any of the mentioned names, it will be removed from the map. So you can filter multiple things at a time. Remove unwanted things by clicking on the name. Also, tap on the HIDE ALL menu, now, all things will disappear from the map. You can select the item you want on the map by tapping on them. 

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You just need and things are pretty simple and adventurous after that. There are lots of locations in the backyard. So, the Grounded Map will help you to filter out unwanted things. It will make your Grounded journey convenient. Now, you just need to gather information and reach there. 

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