Dune Spice Wars How to Destroy Main Base

Armies in Dune: Spice Wars are often tiny. Because of Arrakis’ hazardous environment, it is vital to prioritize quality above quantity. With only a few forces at your disposal at any given moment, besieging an enemy capital might appear to be an impossible endeavor.

Capitals, or Main Bases as they are known in the game, need a sustained, focused effort to bring down. However, the expenditure is worthwhile since successfully capturing a capital will remove its commanding player from the game. Knowing how to approach a capital siege is the most certain method to win.

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Attacking The Enemy Capital

Wait for the appropriate moment to strike once you’ve established your position. Keep an eye out for your opponent’s forces being distracted by happenings elsewhere, or for a particularly deadly Landsraad Resolution.

Such as Architectural Surveys, to land on them. While you’re waiting, set up a front base with at least three Melee units and two Demolition units (more if you’re playing on a Difficulty higher than Normal), then arrange the Operations Supply Drop and Defense Sabotage from the Infiltration screen. Prepare Defense Breach if you have enough resources.

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When the moment comes, command your units to attack the Main Base. Protecting the Demolition units is crucial here, since you’ll need them to wear down the capital’s armor if you want to inflict any serious damage. If the opponent player has troops in the vicinity, use Gear Sabotage to eliminate them swiftly before turning your attention to the city itself.

Begin training and transporting soldiers to function as reinforcements at the same moment. Reserve them near your front base to replace forces that fall or withdraw.

Spread your forces around to reduce the impact of the capital’s AoE assaults, but keep everyone near your military base so you can flee when units are injured. When one or more units reach half health, use your prepared Supply Drop to regenerate them sufficiently to return to friendly territory, replacing them with a reserve unit.

When you employ covert missions, make sure to promptly plan fresh ones – you may need to use them numerous times throughout the conflict. Continue rotating your forces so that there are always healthy troops carrying out the attack, and the capital will fall eventually.

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That’s how to destroy enemy base in Dune Spice Wars as I’ll see you in the next guide.