Pokemon Go: How To Get Carbink

Carbink is a Rock and Fairy type Pokemon. This Pokemon is from the Kalos region and does not evolve into or form any other Pokemon.

It’s linked to the Gen VI Mythical Pokemon, Diance. They both made their global debuts earlier during the Go Fest 2023.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know to catch Carbink during this festive season.

How To Catch Carbink in Pokemon Go

Carbink in Pokemon Go
Image Via Niantic

During the Pokemon Go Fest 2023, players will have two opportunities two catch carbink. One is a paid option which is through completing Timed Research tasks while the other is a free option through completing field research.

Timed Research

Players will have to purchase global tickets for the Pokemon Go Fest before July 5 for a chance to access the timed research which is the first opportunity to encounter Carbink as a reward. The tickets have more to offer as they will also unlock Special Research for Diance. If you are able be sure to get yourself one.

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Field Research

This is another option to catch Carbink for non-fans of purchasing tickets. Carbink can also be encountered as a reward for completing Field Research tasks. Players will have to complete the field research available on August 26 to 27 during the final weekend of Go Fest 2023.

Also, know that the Go Fest 2023 won’t be your only chance to catch Carbink in Pokemon Go. As with other debuts, he is likely to pop up in other future events so be sure to be on the lookout if you won’t be lucky enough during the Go Fest 2023.

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