Dune Spice Wars How to Get Hegemony

Hegemony in Dune: Spice Wars signifies a Faction’s overall dominance and authority over Dune. It is determined by how well your faction does in many elements of the game. Each Faction in the game starts with a different set of Faction Bonuses, and additional ones become available after attaining certain Hegemony Thresholds.

At 2k Hegemony, players will access their Faction’s Main Base, and further Faction Bonuses will be unlocked at 5k and 10k, respectively.

The number of supported Resolutions passed, the number of Regions controlled, domination over Special Regions, ally Sietches, Charters gained, enemy units defeated, Landsraad Standing, CHAOM shares, and the number of Craft Workshops established all contribute to hegemony.

To swiftly achieve Hegemony, you must concentrate on all of the aforementioned factors. Because Hegemony is your Faction’s total power, players must strategically place their Faction to increase Hegemony.

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How to get Hegemony in Dune: Spice Wars

In Dune: Spice Wars, gaining 30k Hegemony quickly will automatically give your Faction the win, allowing players to assert their dominance over the other Houses. After playing with all of the Factions, we recommend players consider a few things in order to get 30k Hegemony:

  • You will have to focus on all aspects of territorial dominance, including the use of Military forces, successfully carrying out Espionage operations, winning Landsraad Resolutions, and gaining more Regions on Arrakis.
  • Constructing a Crafts Workshop at any of the Villages will give a steady +2 Hegemony production per day.
  • Players can also construct the Administrative Hall at their Faction’s Main Base to get +10% Hegemony gains.
  • Paying Imperial Tax on time, or failing to, will radically affect a Faction’s Landsraad Standing, which also reduces Hegemony.
  • Controlling more Regions, and winning significant Resolutions will increase your Faction’s Hegemony.
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Hegemony is kind of like XP. It unlocks new buildings to expand your base as you reach certain levels. You’ll earn hegemony for doing basically anything — from voting on resolutions in the Landsraad Council to paying your taxes to defeating enemy military units.

That’s how to get Hegemony in Dune Spice Wars as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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