Dune Spice Wars How to Increase Authority

Dune: Spice Wars sends players to the arid desert planet of Arrakis, where water and a hallucinogenic powder known as Spice are the most important resources. Players may manage a variety of groups as they extend their area in an attempt to dominate the planet’s resources, all while navigating a complicated diplomatic and economic system.

Players may enjoy a variety of play-styles in this sci-fi strategy game, whether playing as the noble Atreides, the terrifying Harkonnens, or the renowned Fremen, with enough of references to the source material to keep sci-fi aficionados pleased.

Players will need Authority in order to extend their territory and achieve domination on the planes of Arrakis. This resource builds up over time, allowing groups to annex additional regions.

Attacking new regions with inadequate water and authority will be futile since occupation will be impossible until these quotas are reached. The greater the distance between a Village and the faction’s main base, the more Authority it will need to capture it. Here’s how gamers can get their hands on this lucrative resource.

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How to increase Authority in Dune Spice Wars

Over time, authority will be generated automatically through the player’s Agents and overall territorial control. Being at odds with another group can strengthen the player’s authority, hence being at odds might be beneficial in the long term.

Agents can get more Authority by doing Arrakis Information chores. This may be accomplished by dragging the agent into an open slot in the Arrakis portion of the Espionage panel. Additional jobs and missions may arise for Agents to complete, perhaps leading to minor boosts in Authority.

The quickest way for players to gain authority is through the construction of an Administrative Hall in the main base. This will boost authority output by 30% and Solari production in villages by +3. Players can also swiftly gain authority by dealing with Water Seller Caravans. This allows players to buy authority at the price of Solari.

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That’s how to get authority in Dune Spice Wars as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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