Dune Spice Wars How to Get Authority

Authority in Dune: Spice Wars denotes a Faction’s leadership and power over several Arrakis Regions. It is largely utilized to gain control of Arrakis’ villages and is one of Dune: Spice Wars’ non-tradable resources.

Players must farm Authority by gaining Relationship levels with other Factions, trading with various Sietches, and successfully conducting Espionage activities. So without further ado let’s dive into the details of how to get authority.

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You can also build the Administrative Hall at your Faction’s Main Base to increase Authority production by 30%. In Dune: Spice Wars, this Resource is one of the criteria for taking over any Village. Following the capture of a Village, players must pay with Authority and Water to annex the Region for their Faction.

Players can also obtain Authority through voting on Landsraad Council Resolutions such as Imperial Propaganda, which grants a +30% increase in Authority production. Collect enough Influence by trading with other Factions and developing particular structures to win the Resolution with a majority of votes.

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Completing Espionage operations and missions is also important for increasing your faction’s authority. Agents must be carefully placed in various sectors like Houses, CHAOM, Landsraad, Spacing Guild, and Arrakis. This will assure Authority production gains, allowing your Faction to swiftly acquire more Villages.

In addition, using water seller caravans is one of the finest ways to obtain Authority quickly in Dune: Spice Wars rather than waiting a long time. If you come across a Water Seller Caravan on the map, you can spend 500 Solari to quickly gain Authority. The only issue is that it costs 500 Solari, which isn’t cheap until you’re in the late game. Even so, it may be pricey.

Learning new technology/developments is extremely beneficial while claiming villages. You can, however, boost your gain by assigning operatives to the Arrakis Infiltration. Local Dialect Studies is one of the first things you can unlock in the green area. This establishes a -15% authority for annexing communities.

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That’s how to get authority in Dune Spice Wars as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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