Elden Ring: Smithing Stone 3 Locations

 You can upgrade your weapons to increase their strength. You can use smith stones for upgrading shields and weapons. Smithing Stone 3 is used to upgrade your armaments to +9 in the Elden Ring.

In this article, I will guide you through how to grade your armaments using a smithing stone. I have also included all the locations where you can find smithing stones in the Elder Ring. 

Location of Smithing Stone 3 in Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, you can find most of the Smithing Stone 3 pieces around Liurnia of the Lakes. Here is a detailed location where you can find them:

Liurnia of the Lakes

Smithing Stone 3 Locations
  1. First Smithing stone Three pieces can be found atop a corpse. You can reach the upper level to find a corpse near a massive land octopus. It is right before the lift, inside the tunnel.
  2. You will come across two singing bats with corpses in front of them. The stone will be on top of the corpse. 
  3. A small gate on the left before Royal Knight Loretta’s main gate takes down to the cemetery, heading down the cliff. A corpse is right beside a tomb, guarded by living jars. You can find smithing stone three here. 
  4. Three Smithing Stones 3 can be found in front of the statue in a small shrine.
  5. Go to the rooftop of this location to the stone ledge to find two more Smithing Stone 3. 
  6. You can find three stones at the altar at the front of a statue guarded by giant glenstone flowers.
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Limgrave Smiting Stone 3
  1. You can get the stone just past the Manor Towershield on the outcrop. 
  2. Head past the aggressive Storm Hawks to come across the stone at the end of the cliffside.  


Caelid Smiting Stone 3
  1. You can find a stone at the back of the wooden watch tower. Find it atop a corpse. This stone is located on the bulwark. Left from Flamberge and Pumpkin Head atop a corpse. 

Ainsel River

Ainsel River Smiting Stone 3
Smithing Stone 3
  1. There will be a corpse at the edge of the route. Stone will be at the top of the corpse. Two stones can be found on the beam, which you need to jump on. It is found atop a body guarded by a massive ant. Head inside the tunnel and find it atop a corpse. 

Siofra River

Siofra River Smiting Stone 3
  1. You must head to the Nokron Site of Grace behind a wall to find the first Smithing Stone 3. There will be a corpse near Fallen Hawk’s Soldier with a stone on it. 
  2. Two more stones can be found inside the Wooden hut. You can enter through wooden ledges at the top. 
  3. Last, Smithing Stone 3 can be found in a large rocky structure on a corpse. 
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