How To Solve Chelona’s Rise Puzzle in Elden Ring

In the Liurnia of the Lakes, you will find Chelona’s Rise tower you will locate it after exploring the Moonlight Altar Plateau in Elden Ring after defeating the Astel in the Grand Cloister. You can only access this tower after completing the Ranni quest line.

The Chelona Raise tower can be accessed only by solving the puzzle. You need to seek three great wise beasts to solve the Chelona Rise Puzzle. Here we cover the guide that explains how you can find the three great wise beasts without having much hassle in the game.

Elden Ring: Chelona Rise Puzzle Solution

In Elden Ring, if you’ve already solved the Tetsu’s Rise Puzzle then you already know that the three great wise beasts are the three tortoises that you need to find in order to solve the puzzle.

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These are located in different parts of the Moonlight Altar area. Here we shared the map locations of all three tortoises along with the guide to find where you can find them one by one.

Chelona's Rise Puzzle
chelonas rise puzzle

Tortoises #1

At Chelona’s Rise tower where you find the note that says “seek three great wise beasts” From there, you need to head in the right direction at the edge of the mountain.

chelonas rise elden ring first location

Simply look at the down direction from the mountain edge and you find the first tortoises sticking at the edge of the mountain as shown in the below screenshot.

Tortoises #2

chelonas rise elden ring second location

You need to reach to the location shown in the above map to find the second tortoise. Once you are there move a little to the rocks look at the cliff of the edge in the south direction and you find the second tortoise. Again hit it with a weapon and it will disappear now move to the last third tortoise location.

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Tortoises #3

chelonas rise elden ring third location

The third tortoise is located southeast of the Evergaol in the woods look above you and on the location shown on the map and you find the third tortoise Hit it with a weapon and return to the Chelona’s Rise tower.

Now the Chelona’s Rise tower is unlocked enter it and go to the top of the tower using the stairs until you the lift that take you up, once the lift stop again take the stairs and move to up direction until you see the room. Inside the room you will find the tresure chest that contain the Ranni’s Dark Moon.

Final Words

In order to unlock the Chelona’s Rise tower you need to find the three gaint tortoise located at the different locations in the Moonlight Altar area. Find them and hit them using your weapon and return to the tower.

Take the stairs and go up then take the lift for up direction and again take the stairs you find the room at the end that contain the chest with Ranni Dark Moon.

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This is all for how to solve the Chelona Rise Puzzle in Elden Ring? For more reletead content do check our Elden Ring guides few of them are given below.

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