Elden Ring: Where To Find D’s Brother

Some quests in Elden Ring are quite a bit complicated because players have to assume certain situations and make decisions on their own. Like in Fia and D’s quest line users have to complete a particular dialogue to complete the quest. Fia and D’s quest is complex, it’s based on the choice of who you want to save first.

But here in this guide, we will suggest steps, to complete Fia and D’s quest line.
So in this quest, there are two twin brothers, Darian known as D, Hunter of the Dead, and Davin.

So in the Fia and D questline you have to locate D’s brother. After finding him the quest will begin.

Fia and D Questline

It all starts with Fia’s questline where you interact with and give some task which leads you to D’s brother in the Elden Ring. You can find Fia in Roundtable Hold. Fia’s room is just before the Hewg room in Roundtable Hold.

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As you interact with Fia she will give you some tasks and at some point, she will talk in Secret.

She will suggest you return the weathered dagger to its owner. And you have to return the Weatherd Dagger to D, hunter of the dead.

Talk to him and he will ask you where you find this dagger. It will not matter but it’s part of the quest.

Now reload the area and visit Roderika and Hewg. When you enter there you will notice at the end the door is open you will find a D, hunter of dead corpses there. From there you can find the Twinned Armor set.

Now from Rogier Questline, if you remember his dialogues, he mentioned there D has a younger brother Davin. Davin is lost in his sleep in the Eternal City of Nokron.

How to get to D’s brother in the Elden Ring?

As mentioned in Rogier Questline, D’s brother is in an aqueduct beside the Eternal City of Nokron.

location of ds brother

To find D’s brother in the Elden Ring, you have to head to the North from the Ancient Grounds Site of Grace.

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You will find an aqueduct there.

Two Crucible knights are protecting the top of the waterfall.

Follow the aqueduct, as you reach there on the steps you will notice D’s brother is on the railing.

So when you find the D’s brother make sure you have the Twinned Armour Set. You have to kind of nudge him to wake him up from sleep.

How can I have the Twinned Armour Set in Elden Ring?

You can have a Twinned Armour Set in two ways. You can directly kill the D, the hunter of the dead or you can give a weathered dagger to Fia. And after that, Fia will assassinate Darian, D the hunter of the dead. From the corpse, you can collect the Twinned Armour Set.


That’s all you need to know about where to find D’s brother. It’s kind of important to find in the quest. The Darian and Devin twin brothers share one soul. So after you wake him up from sleep. D’s brother will seek vengeance.

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So if you handed the Weathered Dagger to D, then Fia will assassinate D. If you directly kill D then D’s brother will seek vengeance from you. But you can save yourself by completing the dialogue with D’s brother. In dialogues, you just need to explain why you did this and you complete the Fia quest from there.